Best Password Managers 2023 – Tech Advisor

Best Password Managers 2023 – Tech Advisor

Best Password Managers 2023 - Tech Advisor

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is a great password manager that offers apps and extensions for all major platforms, meaning your passwords will be available no matter what device you’re using.

It’s also easy to use, as once it’s set up, which is a simple process, it will automatically fill in logins, payment details and forms, you’ll only have to log back in occasionally to make sure to remember the master password. A notification center notifies you of any potential breaches on the sites you have an account for, and it also scours the dark web to see if similar data is being transmitted.

You can then use the built-in password generator to create new complex passwords that will replace compromised ones. As with all password managers, you’ll only need to know the master password, so the ones you create for sites can be ridiculously complicated, as Dashlane will remember them on your behalf. There’s also the option to use your fingerprint or Face ID if you prefer (and your device has that capability).

Those who used Chrome to store passwords until now can automatically import them into Dashlane, making it a seamless transition.

You can now add two-factor authentication to specific sites in Dashlane, which will cause the app to generate a 6-digit token on every login attempt. To do this, you need to go to the site in question, activate the two-factor authentication features, then choose Dashlane as your authenticator app by scanning a QR code. It only takes a few minutes and instantly boosts your security.

From then on, every time you (or someone else) tries to log into the site, the Dashlane app will display the six-digit code that you need to enter. A little more hassle, much better security.

There is another useful feature that allows you to securely share your login details with your friends or family right from the app. It comes in handy if your kids forgot Netflix password for the 500th time.

Besides passwords, Dashlane also has a digital wallet feature that can securely store your various payment methods, providing fast checkout while shopping online. In the app, you can also add personal information to speed up online form filling, as well as an identification section for things like your driver’s license or other important documents you might need. quickly consult.

A secure note vault also provides a handy space to store other valuable data that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

In use, Dashlane is very fluid. On various devices, the D icon appears in text and number fields with either login information available or your name and address for forms. Sometimes it gets a little too helpful, appearing when there are fields on the page that don’t require the information it offers.

We can forgive that though, because the vast majority of the time it’s still ready to hook you up and then push you away.

There are four different levels to choose from. There is a free version that can hold unlimited passwords and lets you use the secure sharing feature, but only on one device. Once you’ve signed up for the Advanced tier (costing $3.49 / £2.89 per month), you can use Dashlane on unlimited devices and also get dark web monitoring.

There’s also the Premium tier ($3.99/£3.29 per month) which includes a VPN for secure browsing. The best deal, however, is the Friends & Family plan which offers all the features of Premium, but for up to 10 accounts, all for $5.99 / £4.95 per month.

This is the one to choose if you have friends who want to work together on a great password manager and you don’t mind being the account manager. You can also save 20% on these prices if you pay annually rather than monthly.

Dashlane apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS, along with browser extensions so you can use them on Chromebooks and Linux.

Get Dashlane here.


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