Best Men’s Running Shoes for 2023

Best Men’s Running Shoes for 2023

Best Men's Running Shoes for 2023

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marathon runner or a lightweight gym walker, a good pair of running shoes is an absolute necessity to provide traction, support, and reduce strain on your joints. They can prevent minor injuries, such as blisters, and long-term injuries that could tragically shorten your running career.

The best running shoe for you will depend on a variety of factors: whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner; your loyalty to a specific shoe brand; the type of race you will do; and the support your feet will need. If you run different distances and races, your sneaker on race day will most likely be different from the pair you wear for your training runs.

Wearing the wrong shoes can put you at risk of injury, blisters, or general discomfort. If in doubt, stop by your local running shoe store and get fitted by a professional.

In the meantime, CNET has put together a list of some of the best men’s running shoes in 2023. This list is based on a professional running trainer’s recommendations, thousands of online reviews and customer ratings. It is updated periodically.

Running Brooks

Brooks remains one of the most popular running shoes in the running community. The latest version of the Brooks Ghost sneaker series brings the beloved features of the Ghost 13, with some additional improvements. Similar to its predecessor, the Ghost 14 is good for stable neutral support and still maintains its 12mm heel-to-toe drop.

The biggest improvement of the latest model is the midsole which is made entirely of DNA Loft cushioning, which makes it softer from heel to toe (without being too soft) and generates a smoother ride. It is also Brooks’ first carbon neutral shoe.

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CrossFit enthusiasts will appreciate the latest Nike Metcon 7. This cross-training shoe is the upgraded version of the highly acclaimed Nike Metcon 6, and Metcon continues to be the sneaker series that many athletes turn to. The Nike Metcon 7 is a sturdy shoe that offers good stability and support, with a rubber tread that gives you enough traction during your workout.

This shoe is ideal for CrossFit training of the day, bootcamp, and even a strength workout. The inside of the shoe features Nike’s React foam, which makes your foot feel cushioned and supported during intense workouts. On Nike’s website, reviewers raved about the shoe and said it was even better than the Metcon 6 because it’s lighter, offers more support, and has different colors to choose from.


Since the rise of minimalist running shoes, many sneaker brands have released their own versions. Merrell, known for its hiking shoes, also offers collections aimed at minimalist running. Their fifth edition Vapor Glove is a fan favorite because it’s lightweight, easy to put on, and feels like you’re running barefoot.

Reviews of the shoes show that runners appreciate their versatility and have found that they can be used for both running and weightlifting in the gym. Shoppers who have purchased previous versions of the Vapor Glove are equally pleased with the latest style tailored to their needs.


The Hoka is a popular shoe brand among runners because it was designed to make running easier using high-tech materials and designs. The Hoka Rincon 3 is a favorite among runners who need stable neutral support and a versatile shoe they can use for both training runs and race day.

It’s a lightweight shoe that doesn’t sacrifice speed and has a cushioned marshmallow-like midsole, making double-digit running a comfortable journey.


The second edition of Saucony’s Endorphin Speed ​​collection is the best option when looking for a shoe that can handle long distance runs or high mileage. It is considered an all-around shoe because in addition to being able to cover a lot of ground, its SpeedRoll technology helps you pick up the pace during any run, effortlessly.

A runner on the Saucony website raved about this shoe and said he typically clocked 180 miles a week and managed to run five marathons in the first two weeks of wearing it. Other runners expressed similar praise, saying these shoes helped them achieve new PRs in a number of runs.

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Salomon has a number of great trail running shoe options. It is one of the best-known brands in the trail and hiking communities due to the quality and durability of its shoes. Certified running trainer Mollie Millington says she has had great success with the Salomon Sense Ride 3, although the most recent version is the Salomon Sense Ride 4.

These trail running shoes are made with a tight mesh and a grippy outsole, fitted with Salomon’s Quicklace laces and built with an 8mm heel-to-toe drop for support on the trail or on the road.

As for what to look for in trail running shoes in general, Millington says she prefers her trail shoes to be waterproof. “You also need good stability because of the diversity of the terrain,” she says. “A reinforced toe will protect you from roots and rocks, and a deep tread will help you grip the mud.”

How We Chose These Running Shoes

Personal experience: I have been a recreational runner for about 10 years and during that time I have tried many different running shoes. I know what qualities to look for when buying a pair of running shoes and what are the best brands out there. Having run a variety of running distances over the years and my first marathon three years ago, I know that the right shoes make a big difference when running between 3 and 26.2 miles.

Well rated:Every pair of running shoes on this list has been rated highest for factors such as comfort, support, quality, and durability – just what you need search in a good running shoe. I scoured buyer reviews on Amazon, Google, runner blogs, and brand websites to choose the running shoes from this list.

Latest releases: Since CNET periodically updates this list, we also make sure that the most recent list reflects the latest sneaker release on the market. Sneaker brands replace older models every year or phase them out as new versions are released. Newer models tend to resemble their older versions with improved features, which is beneficial if you log many weekly miles and replace your shoes frequently.

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The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical or health advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or health goals.


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