Best keyboard 2023: Windows, Mac, wireless and more

Best keyboard 2023: Windows, Mac, wireless and more

Best keyboard 2023: Windows, Mac, wireless and more

7. Razer Pro Type Ultra – Quietest Mechanical Keyboard

Refining the experience of the Razer Pro Type, the Razer Pro Type Ultra offers an enhanced experience ideal for office workers.

Why? One of the big changes is the introduction of Razer’s Quiet Mechanical Switches, which use sound-dampening foam to provide the same clicky feel without the accompanying snap – well, in theory anyway.

In reality, the noise feedback is much less noticeable than most other mechanical keyboards in our chart, but it’s not quiet, especially if you’re a fast type. But, if you insist on using a loud mechanical keyboard in a shared workspace, the Pro Type Ultra is a solid choice.

That’s not the keyboard’s only selling point though; quiet switches will last 80 million clicks, individually backlit keycaps are slightly concave to guide your fingers through key presses, and it’s lined with a fingerprint-resistant soft-touch coating, all resulting in a luxurious typing experience.

There’s also an equally plush leatherette wrist rest to rest on, making typing for hours on the job less tiring. It’s a lot more lavish than others in our roundup, that’s for sure!

As for connectivity, you have Bluetooth, wired (via USB-C to USB-A) or Razer’s Hyperspeed 2.4GHz wireless technology. You have the ability to connect to up to three different Bluetooth devices, great for multi-device use, but it’s not as smooth or fast a switching process as what Logitech offers with its range.

The dongle for Razer Hyperspeed connectivity is stored in the keyboard itself – a very convenient key – allowing plug-and-play support on PC and Mac, although it should be noted that the keys and functions are suitable for Windows users, not Mac. You can also use the dongle to connect to Razer’s Pro Click Mini mouse for a neater and more reliable wireless experience.

While the combination of wireless functionality and backlit RGBs may come at a cost to overall battery life, Razer still manages to squeeze up to 207 hours via its Hyperspeed connection and a slightly longer 214 hours via Bluetooth.

It’s undoubtedly a high-end mechanical keyboard, but if you’re looking for something that feels like a mechanical keyboard without the super-loud click-clack, the Pro Type Ultra is a solid option.


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