Best grills for 2023: gas grills, griddles, charcoal grills and more

Best grills for 2023: gas grills, griddles, charcoal grills and more

Best grills for 2023: gas grills, griddles, charcoal grills and more

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Grilling on the weekends is something of a national pastime in the United States. Because so many people are doing it, there is a wide range of products to choose from.


The best grill will always be the one that suits your style of cooking and the budget you’ve set for yourself, so we’ve spent a lot of time cooking on as many grills as possible to bring you some of the best options.

To help you find the grill that’s right for you and your budget, we’ve rounded up some of the best models available today. You can also check out our guide to pellet, charcoal and gas grill variants. After all, there are tons of different grill types to compare and consider, including gas grills, traditional grills charcoal grillsloving the heat kamado grillinfrared grids, portable grills and more.

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Even if you have specific requirements, there is a perfect grill for you. When shopping, there are factors you should keep in mind, such as how much square footage of an outdoor cooking space you have available and whether you want to purchase a particular type of cooking grate, rotisserie kit, gas burner, etc. grab or other specialized equipment.

No matter what type of outdoor grill you choose, whether it’s an electric grill, charcoal grill, natural gas grill, pellet grill, infrared or one of the many other types, you absolutely must perfect your skills how to clean it (keeping that cooking surface clean with a grill brush and grill cleaner is essential in outdoor cooking) and the best accessories for grilling. Having the right techniques and tools of the trade will complete your perfect grill, turn you into a grill master extraordinaire, and make your barbecues a breeze.

Best grills

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Weber’s original $139 kettle grill continues to stand the test of time as the best grill for charcoal cooking. In our high-temperature searing tests, Weber provided the best balance of seared exterior and medium-rare interior steak. The Weber also gave us excellent crispy grilled chicken skin and savory ribs.

Simple construction means there aren’t too many parts to put together or too many features to fiddle with while cooking outdoors. A vent on the lid controls airflow and a well-designed ash pan under the grill makes cleaning easy.

We tested the 22-inch model in black, but Weber also offers an 18-inch version of its original kettle design. There are certainly fancier and more expensive grills out there, but for a balance of price and quality, you can’t go wrong if you start cooking with this classic charcoal grill.

Expert grilling

When I first moved to the High Desert in California, I knew I wanted a grill that could handle enough food for a party. I also knew that moving is expensive, so it had to be affordable. I picked up this heavy-duty grill from Walmart and was immediately impressed with the quality of its construction. After putting everything together, all the materials made me think it would stand the test of time, and it does.
The easily removable ash pan makes keeping the grill clean a snap, and the thermometer on top is great for smoking meat, especially if you don’t want to keep lifting the lid and losing the smoke! Little touches like the bottle opener and hooks under the shelf made it even more useful, and I used this grill for almost 6 years before moving again. Even when I left, the new owners used it with their families.
I’ve used a lot of very expensive grills, but this sturdy, budget-friendly workhorse is still one of my favorites.

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Although the Flatrock is expensive for a flat top griddle, its quality and usefulness cannot be overstated. Some foods just can’t be cooked on a standard grill – like mashed up tacos and burgers, and a flat-top griddle makes those foods a cinch. By the way, if you’ve never had a smash burger, you need one in your life. They are amazing.

The Flatrock uses Traeger’s Pop and Lock system for accessories, so if you already have one of its grills, you can mix and match what you need. You will need to harden the surface of the Flatrock, but I found it a pleasant experience to create the right surface for my needs. I use the Flatrock more than any other grill right now, and it’s my go-to for burgers and tacos.

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Kamado grill cookers, the wood-burning, egg-shaped, ceramic grills you may have seen or at least heard of, impart a delicious smoky flavor to anything they cook, and c is the best grill of the bunch. They can run low and slow for hours in smoker temperatures And sear at high heat levels that are far beyond the capabilities of gas grills. It’s hot enough to create real steakhouse steaks and real wood-fired pizzas like a professional grill.

With a list price of $1,999 (if you can find it in stock), the Kamado Joe Classic III may have a steep luxury grill price tag, but this premium grill packs a lot of cooking power for the money. That means lots of grilling accessories that don’t come standard with other grills, including the Big Green Egg. This kamado works well too. In our slow, low barbecue test, we adjust the grates to 225 degrees F (107 C) and let go of the controls to see what happens. In this test, the Joe demonstrated excellent temperature stability.

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This Weber grill is expensive. We cannot deny it. However, if you are serious about grilling and ready to invest in your outdoor kitchen, this liquid propane gas grill is absolutely a great choice for outdoor grilling.

With 513 square inches of main cooking grill space powered by 39,000 BTUs, plus a flip-up warming rack and 12,000 BTU side burner, you’ll never run out of cooking space. Two cabinet doors hide a two-shelf storage space under the grill for utensils and supplies. And a fuel gauge lets you know how much fuel is left in your propane tank. Cast iron grates maintain even heat while cooking and are easy to clean.

The Genesis II E-335 Freestanding Propane Grill is also one of Weber’s iGrill 3 compatible models, along with other Genesis II models and the Spirit II line. This $121 accessory plugs into the front of the grill and houses up to four Bluetooth temperature probes. You can monitor what’s happening on this gas grill through the companion app for iOS and Android. And right now, it’s included free with the purchase of this grill.

In our tests, the Genesis II E-335 produced pan-fried burgers with a slightly pink center, crispy chicken skin with juicy meat, and droopy ribs. Combine this excellent performance with Weber’s 10-year warranty on all grill parts, and your investment in this propane gas grill will have you ready for years to come, even under heavy use.

Our tests

We test different types of grills differently, but for the most part we include a high heat test like searing a steak or grilling burgers, a medium indirect heat test like grilling a whole chicken for over an hour, and a low, slow test with grill racks. ribs.

To determine what should be considered the best outdoor barbecue, we collect data such as total cooking time, temperatures inside the grill and the temperature inside the different pieces of meat. All of this information helps us spot where grills may have hot spots or thermometer inconsistencies.

We use baskets to hold our burger patties during gas grill testing.

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There is also a fair amount of (read: SO many) blind taste tests, heated debates and votes among our editors in addition to the data we collect on cooking temperatures and cooking times. You might think it would be more fun than working to eat delicious food while discussing the merits of a grill, and you’d be right.

If you’re interested in a particular test method, we’ve got it and our full list of recommendations for cooking with it. kamado grill, portable grills And charcoal grills ready for your reading. Happy grilling!

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