Best eReader 2023: Top e-ink devices

Best eReader 2023: Top e-ink devices

Best eReader 2023: Top e-ink devices

7. Kindle Scribe – Best Big Screen

The Kindle Scribe is the first Kindle that can be used for note-taking, but it’s the big screen that’s the big draw here. A 10.2-inch panel is much larger than most e-ink devices and provides a better reading experience than similarly sized devices on this list.

If you want to fit more text on a page or read comics and magazines, this Kindle is for you.

However, Amazon presents the Scribe as a device for taking notes. This is possible thanks to the included pen, which works very well for writing or diagrams.

Unfortunately, there are still big problems on the software side. The Kindle software is already limited when it comes to reading, but its shortcomings are even more pronounced here. Amazon does not allow writing directly on books (only PDFs), with only clumsy sticky notes instead. The laptop section also needs work.

It’s a great Kindle for reading, but most people can get it from a much cheaper device.

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