Best controller for iPhone and Android in 2022

Best controller for iPhone and Android in 2022

Best controller for iPhone and Android in 2022

6. GameSir X3 Type-C – Best Controller for Cooling

While accessory maker GameSir usually makes budget mobile controller accessories, the GameSir X3 Type-C is an entirely different beast, offering not only a customizable controller but also impressive built-in cooling.

Overheating is an issue that most mobile gamers face during long gaming sessions – even those with gaming phones with dedicated cooling systems – usually resulting in a hot spot on the back of the smartphone and a cooling effect. training on performance and battery drain.

The GameSir X3 Type-C seeks to solve this problem by attaching a literal fan-powered cooling system to the back of your smartphone. The multi-part system, including a cold copper plate, Peltier cooling module, heatsink and seven-bladed fan, helps keep your smartphone cool, reducing the temperature by up to 24 degrees Celsius in just minutes .

The fans are RGB-lit to add to the gamer look, and the position of the fan can be adjusted to better fit your smartphone if needed. The only downside? Without a built-in battery, the fan needs constant USB-C power to operate, which means you’ll need to use a power bank if you want to use it on your travels.

Of course, the X3 Type-C is not just a cooler – it’s also a mobile controller, and a pretty capable one at that. By connecting to your phone through its USB-C port, there’s no lag, and the controller works well with all controller-compatible games available on Android, including cloud streaming apps from Nvidia and Xbox.

It’s also incredibly customizable. The buttons are magnetic, allowing you to switch between Xbox and Nintendo-style layouts, and you also have a choice of two sets of controller caps and D-Pads in the box. Everything is stored in a nice hard-shell carrying case, keeping the controller and all accessories in one place.

It’s also compatible with a range of smartphones, as long as it offers USB-C connectivity and measures between 110 and 179mm.


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