Best 10 FPL accounts to follow for the 2021-22 season



Best 10 FPL accounts to follow for the 2021-22 season

Fantasy Premier League – @OfficialFPL

The obvious place to start is with the official FPL account for the app. Official FPL provides live updates of the goals, assists, red cards, penalty misses & saves and the important bonus points too.



The account also posts videos with experts, has its own weekly dedicated podcast hosted by James Richardson and a YouTube channel. For anyone playing Fantasy Football, not following the account is criminal.

Fantasy Football Scout – @FFScout

A very popular account in the community with nearly 200,000 followers, the Fantasy Football Scout provides plenty of free analytics on specific players and teams in addition to the usual overview of the game. Alongside the sister accounts @FFS_Community, FFS is a must have for all players revealing the prices of new players, differential picks and has followed preseason in-depth to give their followers more detail as to who might be starting next season.

They also provide a paid service where customers gain access to Opta powered stat comparisons to get ahead of your rivals in addition to plenty more perks. The account also has a dedicated website posting insightful articles covering the game.

Ben Dinnery – @BenDinnery

Anyone that plays Fantasy Football knows how important it is to be aware of player injuries and that is where Ben Dinnery comes in.

Ben is an ‘Injury Analyst’ and will provide regular updates on all the possible injuries to players throughout the season.

There is nothing worse than selecting a player who turns out he will miss a game because of a training injury. Plus, some players can get an edge finding out when some players are expected to return. With huge players such as Kevin De Bruyne often facing injuries, knowing when they will return can mean getting the jump on selection.

Ben will ensure you never need to worry about a disastrous injury surprise.

Andy – Let’s Talk FPL – @LetsTalk_FPL

One of the most successful Fantasy YouTube channels on the scene. Let’s Talk FPL sports 174,000+ subscribers and 100,000+ Twitter followers.

Ahead of the new season, Andy has been providing compilations of options for your squad.

Best cheap midfielders, premium defenders and opening Gameweek plans.

With so many subscribed and listening to Andy’s thoughts, it is almost like taking a risk in itself not knowing his suggestions so ensure you’re following @LetsTalk_FPL as to not fall behind.

Lee – FPL Family – @FPLFamily

Lee is a content producer on YouTube providing plenty of insight with his co-host Sam.

His videos range from deep-dives on specific clubs to providing tips and tricks for all kinds of players. From casuals to competitive players, Lee has you covered.

In the off season, both Lee and Sam have been conducting some deep dives into each club. Providing insight into who might be good picks for next season and also throwing up some warning flags to those who you should avoid.

Ben Crellin – @BenCrellin

If you want complete analysis of what is to come and you’re a fan of planning ahead, look no further than Ben Crellin. Ben creates brilliant spreadsheets which he updates regularly to show where possible blank and double/triple Gameweeks can occur.

On Twitter, Ben often provides possible scenario updates which when living in a footballing world affected by a pandemic is a must have. Possible postponements, reschedules and more are pivotal to planning to future transfers and team selections.

Fantasy Football Hub – @FFH_HQ

As if there already was not enough hubs for Fantasy Football information… let me try again. You can never get enough hubs of information for Fantasy Football. The Fantasy Football Hub is yet another feast for the FF brain.

However, the FFH is different. The FFH links with several high-profile characters in the field such as the aforementioned Ben Crellin and others like competitive player Chris Tan @ChrisTanFPL.

With these heavyweights, FFH provides followers with some of the best insight into the game, giving players the edge over their rivals.

Honourable mentions

AbuBakar Siddiq – @BigManBakar

A 4th placed finisher in 2014/15 and part of the aforementioned FFH, AbuBakar is big on stats and if you are too, then look no further.

FPL General – @FPLGenral

A 3x top 500 finisher, it is always good to look for tips from those who have done it consistently at the top. And he is now part of The Athletic’s FPL podcast series.

Tom – @WGTA_FP

Providing an FF podcast and consistent tips for all players via his Twitter feed.



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