BBTitan Housemate Marvin Achi Biography, Career, Life Before The Show

BBTitan Housemate Marvin Achi Biography, Career, Life Before The Show

The BBTitans is the Big Brother Show’s new offering. After running the Nigerian franchise of the reality TV show for six successive years, the organizers have decided to bring a different feel to this year’s edition.

Big Brother Titans Season 1 “Ziyakhala Wahala” is a reality show in which contestants from Nigeria and South Africa compete for a $100,000 grand prize. Ten housemates from Nigeria and another 10 from South Africa battle for the ultimate prize in a season that is similar to the Big Brother Africa era.

One of the housemates we will be highlighting in this article is BBTitans’ Marvin Achi, a 29-year-old with an impressive profile before making his way to the reality TV show.

Marvin is a native of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He resides in Texas, USA where he earns a living as a fitness professional.


According to what we could pull from his social media, Marvin is a serial business owner. He’s pursued his passion as much as his university major. The fitness enthusiast is the founder of Zindu Nutrition, a company that produces protein powder and has over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Aside from working out himself, the toned BBTitan housemate also teaches fitness through his videos online and works professionally as a fitness coach. In tandem with his interest in fitness and athleticism, Marvin also runs Elephant Sportwear. A unisex sportswear company that creates different kinds of fitness apparel.

Marvin explained his motivation for going from being the skinniest dude in high school to being a macho man after college graduation:

Don’t sacrifice who you could be for who you are “Starving Marvin” was my popular name in high school which was valid because I matched the name very well being the skinniest kid in my graduating class. In college, I wanted to change that, so I promised myself to build the best body I could while also pursuing a degree in Chemical engineering.

Some days I would run to gym in between lectures while the other students took breaks, and other busy days I’ll make it to the gym after midnight.

My decision was a huge commitment because I knew what I had to give up and who I had to become to achieve it. The journey could sometimes be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding.

Don’t allow your present self to get too selfish to a point where you ignore who you can become in the future. In other words, because you have to exist in the future, you have to take actions that also benefits your future self. So when you want to take an action, ask yourself does this also benefit my future self? Have a blessed week! Let’s keep crushing our goals🎯

Social Media Influencer And Youtuber:

Apart from being a business owner, Marvin also runs a Youtube page. He has a Youtube page that currently has over 5,000 subscribers where he posts content ranging from his trips to work outs, and more.

Marvin is also an IG fitness influencer with a verified page of over 500,000 followers. On his page, he posts videos and photos of his workout routine that gets thousands of engagement from his teeming audience.


Going by Marvin’s social media posts, he appears to have grown up as a teenager in the United States. Marvin had his secondary and university education in the US. He bagged a degree as a chemical engineer

According to Marvin, he makes cans. In a Youtube video, while he was in a restaurant, Marvin picked up a Coca-Cola can and said “This is basically what I do for work. See like this can, that’s what I make.

He’s scared of heights but still climbed a pyramid

Marvin confessed that he is really scared of heights, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to climb a pyramid. He said:

I’m really scared of heights, but this time I was looking at something I always wanted to do – climb up a pyramid. I knew I really wanted to climb but I was very scared, and the people around me didn’t help since they continuously talked about how scary and steep the climb looked. But I wanted to do it. It was either I overcame my fear at that moment and accomplish a dream of mine or go home and live with the regret of not taking a chance at my goal. Immediately I silenced the negative voice & doubt in my head and that blocked the voices around me that talked about how scary the climb was and began climbing. What I’m most proud of myself for was trying. Trying to convince myself that I can, trying to take control of my mind, not letting others voices affect my capabilities. I simply tried. With the new year approaching I encourage you to just try to take a chance at your goal.

He Was on America’s Got Talent

Marvin Aichi Full Performance | America’s Got Talent 2022 Auditions Week 2 S17E02

Marvin was also in season 17 of America’s Got Talent before coming onto Big Brother Titans. In short, there is a video of him doing the same ab flex he did on Big Brother on the AGT stage.

He Adores His Niece

And he also likes to use her for his workouts. It’s so adorable.

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