Battle Royale ‘Indus’ Made in India gameplay trailer revealed, pre-registrations now live on Android

Battle Royale ‘Indus’ Made in India gameplay trailer revealed, pre-registrations now live on Android

Battle Royale 'Indus' Made in India gameplay trailer revealed, pre-registrations now live on Android

Pune-based developer SuperGaming has released the gameplay trailer for its upcoming battle royale title Indus, just in time for Republic Day. Pre-registrations are now live on Android, with registrations on iOS and iPadOS to be “coming soon”. The timing couldn’t be more fitting as the company proudly wears its “Made-in-India” label, incorporating a touch of Indian culture into the game via the overall architecture, nomenclature, and lore surrounding the titular long-dormant planet. , whose legends echo across the galaxy. The trailer highlights some shooters, a loot system, and key locations in the Virlok, the floating island map.

The Indus trailer footage is based on a pre-alpha build, so don’t be surprised to see some blemishes and an unpopulated arena. In it, you play as a Mythwalker, a contract killer working for COVEN, an intergalactic syndicate, seeking to mine Cosmium, a rare naturally occurring mineral that can alter space and time. It reminds me a bit of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic Dune. This aspect of the lore also ties into the gameplay, where, despite being a battle royale, one could even emerge victorious by simply claiming it when the time demands it. The main objective here is to collect Cosmium, which only appears once during a game session. Experienced players can always go on the hunt to become the last man standing.

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One thing to note in the Indus trailer is that while the characters have quirky art design, no special skills are on display. A SuperGaming spokesperson suggested that Indus isn’t a class-based hero shooter like Overwatch or Valorant, promising some changes in the future. “- Players will definitely get a chance to see our own interesting take on player augmentation with special abilities in the Plains of Virlok sometime after launch,” they said. That said, I can see characters like Sir-Taj being a favorite choice, thanks to his slender hitbox and interesting character design – the character literally has the dome of the Taj Mahal as his head. For those unfamiliar with Hindi, “sir” translates to head – a clever pun for the name. Then there’s Big Gaj, which, as the name suggests, is fashioned after an elephant, sporting a commanding presence on the pitch.

As seen in the trailer, Indus will allow you to play in first and third person at launch, with the latter briefly switching to FPS mode when aiming down sights. Players can expect a wall to come closer to them, like most battle royale games, and skill-based matchmaking and a ranking system are part of further development plans. And of course AI bots/enemies will be added in case Indus fails to fill the servers in time. During the launch period, Indus will only offer solo queues, with team options coming later.

Indus will be free-to-play from launch day and will feature in-game monetization methods similar to other titles in the category, where one could purchase cosmetics and other in-game items from the store. Progression mechanics such as a battle pass system have yet to be confirmed.

Indus runs on Unity as the base engine with an internal “sandbox shooter tech stack” called Indus Engine. The download size is estimated at around 500MB, although this may swell as more content is added. As for the required specs, SuperGaming claims that the game will run fine on mobile devices with 4GB of RAM or above, and as long as your Android version is 6.0 and above.

Pre-registration for Indus is now available on the Google Play Store. PC and console versions are expected in the future.

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