battery recycling and how AI could revamp Microsoft Office

battery recycling and how AI could revamp Microsoft Office

battery recycling and how AI could revamp Microsoft Office

Microsoft is considering a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the startup that created the viral chatbot ChatGPT, and plans to integrate it with Office products and Bing search.

This is a big deal. If successful, it will bring powerful AI tools to the masses. So what would ChatGPT-powered Microsoft products look like? Although neither Microsoft nor OpenAI would answer our questions, we do know enough to make educated and intelligent guesses. Tip: This is probably good news if you find creating PowerPoint presentations and responding to emails boring. Read the full story.

—Melissa Heikkila

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The unavoidable

I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scariest/fascinating stories about technology.

1 China’s population fell for the first time in 60 years
The news has major implications for the country’s social, defense and economic policies. (CNN)
+ The Chinese economy is collapsing. (Quartz)
+ India is on its way to becoming the most populous country in the world. (Economist $)
+ Anti-covid zero protesters are still detained. ($Bloomberg)

2 The first bill for buying Elon Musk on Twitter looms
How he copes with it is another major test of his leadership. (FT$)
+ We are witnessing the brain death of Twitter. (MIT Technology Review)

3 Getty Images sues the creators of Stable Diffusion
Getty claims the software was trained using millions of illegally retrieved images. (The edge)
+ Microsoft is “soon” adding ChatGPT to its cloud service. ($Bloomberg)

4 Sales of electric vehicles have reached a milestone
They accounted for 10% of new cars sold last year. (WSJ$)
+ Tesla cuts prices, but not everyone is happy. (The edge)

5 Tenant Selection Algorithms Allegedly Discriminated Against Black Tenants
Now the US Department of Justice is getting involved. (Wired $)
+ AI has exacerbated racial bias in housing. Could this help eliminate it instead? (MIT Technology Review)

6 3D Printed Buildings Could Help Solve America’s Housing Crisis
But there is a major obstacle: the way the construction industry currently operates. (New Yorkers $)
+ Meet the printing designers in salt and clay. (MIT Technology Review)

7 US tech companies are poaching talent from Latin American startups
Local startups are struggling to match salaries, which are still low by American standards. (Rest of the world)

8 The agony and ecstasy of owning a coveted Instagram handle
You better be prepared for people trying to steal it. (Slate $)


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