Baba Ijesha will be prosecuted once court resumes – Police


Baba Ijesha will be prosecuted once court resumes – Police

Baba Ijesha will be prosecuted once court resumes – Police

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, spokesperson for the Lagos police command on Thursday said the alleged crime involving the actor is a “very sensitive” matter and as such would be treated in accordance with the law.

Olarewaju Omiyinka aka Baba Ijesha, enmeshed in an alleged rape mess would be prosecuted once the striking judiciary workers resume.

Mr Adejobi, in an interview with City People TV on Thursday said the actor would soon be arraigned.

“He has a case to answer based on the DPP report and he is going to be prosecuted accordingly when the courts resume, he is going to be charged to court and he will face his charges,” he said.

Baba Ijesha is currently under investigation and in police custody in Panti for more than one month. He was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

Mr Adejobi said social media users have been “attacking” the police for keeping the embattled actor “unnecessarily” despite him being granted bail.

He, however, said the police is not responsible for holding the actor, “the offence Baba Ijesha committed is not a bailable offence based on the report from DPP, so, police cannot give him administrative bail, except the court does so.”

He explained that Baba Ijesha is still in their custody because he was yet to perfect his bail conditions.

“When he got to Panti, granted him bail, the case is still on, but he has not met his bail conditions. And if you are on bail and you have not met your bail conditions, I think that is where the problem is, people just are just attacking the police, that we are keeping Baba Ijesha unnecessarily.”

He said the Lagos police won’t be bothered about the attacks on social media.

“It is not a personal thing; it is an institutional thing. It is a very sensitive matter, it is a case of sexual assault whether rape, anything that has to do with such, we take such a case with seriousness.

“And we are not personalising it, he was arrested and people just attacking us that we don’t want him to go on bail. Despite the fact that there are many attacks against the police on social media, we are not bothered, we are focused on doing what we should do.”

Mr Adejobi also debunked the rumour that the survivor is an adult. He said “the child cannot be more than 14-year-old as claimed by the mother.”

Mr Olabiran had told newsmen that the “bail condition includes two relatives of Baba Ijesha, one civil servant of grade 16 and a refundable sum of N500,000 to be paid into the Lagos High court account.”

He said they were still looking for a civil servant to stand as a surety for the actor.

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