Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office Surpasses $600 Million in One Week

Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office Surpasses $600 Million in One Week

Avatar: The Way of Water Box Office Surpasses $600 Million in One Week

Avatar: The Way of Water has now grossed $609.7 million (about Rs. 5,052 crore) at the worldwide box office. That’s trade numbers for the new Avatar movie through Thursday, reflecting strong midweek play, after its $435 million (about Rs. 3,604 crore) raked in over the opening weekend. Around $427 million (about Rs. 3,540 crore) was raised from markets outside the US, including India and the biggest market too scarce for Hollywood since the COVID-19 pandemic, China . In the US and Canada, the highly anticipated James Cameron sequel has grossed a total of $183 million (about Rs. 1,516 crore).

According to Deadline, the top 10 markets for Avatar 2 outside the United States were led by China, which earned $70.5 million (approx. Rs. 584 crore), with France adding $37 million (approx. Rs. 306 crore) per bag. Avatar: The Way of Water also did well in Korea and India, adding $32.1 million (about Rs.266 crore) and $26.5 million (about Rs.220 crore) respectively. Back in Europe, German theaters attracted $26.1 million (about Rs. 216 crore) in ticket sales, while the UK contributed $21.6 million (about Rs. 179 crore).

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Beyond that we have Brazil, where Avatar 2 grossed $12.6 million (roughly Rs. 104 crore), which was slightly overtaken by Italy with $13.8 million (roughly Rs. 114 crore). Mexico has contributed $19.4 million (about Rs. 161 crore) so far, while Australia has done Pandora business worth $15.8 million (about Rs. 131 crore) .

It’s in the coming weeks that Avatar 2’s strength will be fully tested, depending on how many seats it’s able to fill on a recurring basis. The original 2009 Avatar managed to collect just $242 million (roughly Rs. 2,004 crore) at the worldwide box office during its opening weekend, but maintained enough hype over the coming months. to become the greatest movie of all time. Neither Disney nor 20th Century Studios have revealed the production budget for Avatar: The Way of Water, but reports suggest it sits at around $400 million (roughly Rs. 3,313 crore).

In order to break even, the film must become “the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history,” Cameron said earlier. (That’s because production budgets don’t factor in marketing expenses.)

For what it’s worth, Cameron has the experience to pull it off. His 1997 disaster romance film Titanic, and JJ Abrams’ soft reboot Star Wars: The Force Awakens both grossed over $2 billion (roughly Rs. 16,500 crore) each. Avatar: The Way of Water’s long running time of 3 hours and 12 minutes is also said to pose a challenge in driving people to theaters. Although it does not end Titanic.

Avatar: The Way of Water is out now in India, in English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

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