“Avatar: the way of the water”: is there a post-credits scene?

“Avatar: the way of the water”: is there a post-credits scene?

"Avatar: the way of the water": is there a post-credits scene?

The long awaited Avatar: The Way of the Water landed in theaters Fridaygiving us a new visual treat from the legendary director james cameron. The sequel continues the epic begun by the 2009 originalwith Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña returning as Na’vi heroes Jake Sully and Neytiri.

It’s also over three hours long, so you’re probably curious about the mid- or post-credits scenes that Marvel Cinematic Universe has has conditioned us to wait. No, Avatar: The Way of Water does not have an additional scene during or after the credits. We also don’t get any Easter eggs or a “Jake Sully will be back” message, it just cuts out the studio logo.

Cameron probably decided the ending left us with enough to chew on while we wait for Avatar 3, which is expected release in 2024 (with 4 and 5 to follow in 2026 and 2028).

The initial credits sequence includes some nice renditions of the film’s footage though, so you might want to stick around for that. Otherwise, you can confidently take off those 3d glasses and go to the toilet or get some fresh air. The waterway will probably touch Disney+ in a few months, you can then see Pandora again.


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