Are Khanya Mkhangisa & J Molley really a thing?

Are Khanya Mkhangisa & J Molley really a thing?


Khanya Mkhangisa & J Molley has given their fans something to talk about as they two were caught together on live video.

The duo have really been secretive about their love life to the extent that J Molley came out to debunk rumours that he is in a relationship with the actress.

The love birds look really cute in the live video and their fans started off by raising a lot of questions online to know what is really going on between the two.

Some even went ahead to ask if what Khanya is doing is really right as she is dating someone way younger than her.

While others felt there was nothing wrong as we have cases like DJ Maphorisa and Zodwa who are always dragged for dating young people.

Well, judging from their video, there is definitely something going on between the two and they may have become braver to share their relationship because of what happened with DJ Maphorisa.

Watch video below:


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