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Are calories good or bad for you?


Are calories good or bad for you?

Are calories good or bad for you?

Calories are used to measure how much energy food contains. It is expressed as Kcal or cal (Kilocalories).

Calories are needed to provide energy for bodily functions.

Calories are stored in our body and used up as energy, without calories, vital organs like the heart and lungs will not function properly.

Calories can be good or bad for you depending on the type of calorie. Plus, if you consume too many calories and you do not exercise to burn them up, you will gain weight.

There are high-calorie and low low-calorie foods.

High-calorie meals are high in calories but do not have any nutritional value. You can find junk food and fries under this category. These meals are stored as fat.

Low calories meals are your vegetables and fruits. These meals are high in fibre, protein, water and carbohydrates.

Since your body needs calories, the best thing to do if you want to lose weight is to find the recommended amount of calories your body needs.

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