Are Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal sales a good time to buy the tech you want?

Are Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal sales a good time to buy the tech you want?

Are Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal sales a good time to buy the tech you want?

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With Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal sales around the corner, a lot of people are probably thinking about getting new gadgets of all kinds. But buyer’s remorse is real – after all, we’ve all heard or thought of things like this:


“I bought the Galaxy S6 at launch and its price dropped by Rs. 10,000 in just a few months”
“Kya yaar, I spent Rs. 15,000 on this smartwatch and now it’s selling for half of that!”
“I bought the Mi 5 and now two months later the OnePlus 3 comes out with 6 GB of RAM!”

The reason you venture onto Gadgets 360, other than to get your daily dose of tech news, is to keep an eye out for the next thing you want to buy. Buying consumer electronics is becoming a bit of a hobby. We yearn for newer, shinier devices to replace our older, mostly functional, shiny devices of a few years (or months) ago. And during the upcoming promotion season, you might be tempted to buy something you don’t really need; the bait may be too strong to resist. There are three categories of electronics buyer you can fall into: first-day buyer, bargain hunter, or utility.

The day 1 buyer

This person wants to buy their electronics when they are brand new, even if it means paying a premium or waiting in line. Being that type of person gives you bragging rights to flaunt the newness in town. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that something better won’t be released by the company for a while (most of the time).

So what does it cost to be that person? Well, money, for starters – just ask anyone who bought the iPhone 6s at launch for Rs. 62,000, only to see the price drop by the tens of thousands a few months later, thanks in part to the ongoing e-commerce. And it’s not just high-end device buyers who are affected. For example, those who bought the CREO Mark 1 for Rs. 19,999 would have been devastated to see its price drop to Rs. 13,999 just three months after launch.

Also, if you’re on the Android side of the fence and aren’t tied to one brand, tearing is common. Different phone makers release their products throughout the year, so there’s no telling when your high-end device might be overshadowed by a competitor a few months or even weeks after you buy it.

Bargain hunters

This person is willing to upgrade to a newer gadget even if the one they already own works great, simply because a good price drop is too attractive to ignore. Being a Deal Hunter saves you from the Day-1 buyer pitfalls mentioned above, but it has its own downsides. Because for every good deal, there will be a better one tomorrow.

I bought a Galaxy S6 last year after its price dropped a good Rs. 10,000 from the launch price, only to see it drop by just Rs. 7,000 a few months later. If I had waited, I could have gotten a better deal, but how long can you wait? Being that person gives you a sense of accomplishment and a fear of losing at the same time.

Deal Hunters are also susceptible to impulse buying; for example, a certain Motorola Bluetooth headset was for sale at a ridiculous price on Flipkart recently, and even though I bought one, I’ve only used it once or twice so far. Money well spent is sometimes money well wasted.


And then there are the utilities – those who will continue to use their gadget, until that gadget is no longer usable, because the hardware or software has reached its breaking point. Again, there’s good and bad to being that person – on the bright side, you’ll have that warm, fuzzy feeling of getting the most out of your purchase. But since the failure of your device is unpredictable, then you will be at the mercy of whatever is available at that time.

For example, your near-deathbed iPhone turns off in July, you’ll either have to make other arrangements until the new product launches in September, or deal with buying the current phone, knowing full well that a new one is coming soon.

One person could even represent all three types of buyers, depending on what you are buying. For some, the smartphone is at the top of their pyramid of importance, for others it may be a computer or a digital camera. So, at the end of this elaborate discussion, we come to the final question: When is a good time to buy a gadget?

The answer, as obvious as it may seem, is whenever you want. You can be any of these three varieties of people, and each of them has its flaws. So instead of trying to constantly worry about your impending purchase, the only thing you need to ask yourself is, “Will this device make me happy?” and if the answer is yes (and provided your wallet can handle the weight), then go for it. And don’t look back.


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