Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Ranked: The Best and Worst Villagers in the Game


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Ranked: The Best and Worst Villagers in the Game

Nintendo has truly created a fantastic life simulation franchise in Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing: New Horizons served as the latest iteration of the franchise, which propelled it to new heights. In the past 2 decades, the studio has rolled out a massive roster of villagers in the game. It contains an amazing roster of villagers, who carry their own special personalities and behaviors.


This has propelled some characters to become fan-favorites, while there are some that the community hates. Here is an elaborate tier list of the 5 best and worst villagers that exist in the game today.

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Tier list of the best and least favorite Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers

The studio has added an expansive roster of characters over the years. Not all of them are seen as the community’s favorites, as some of them aren’t so appealing. Meanwhile, there are some who turn out as an instant hit, and they are usually invited on everyone’s island. Here is the list of the top 5 most beloved characters of the game and the top 5 that no one bat’s an eye on.

5 worst villagers that no one likes

Allie: She is one of the worst-designed villagers of the game, as the community voted her to be the worst character. Allie is aggressive and does not play well with other people.

Lobo: Wolves can become the best companion for human beings, but Lobo does not carry that reputation in Animal Crossing. The community voted for this wolf character to be the most disliked villager.

Rowan: The community simply hates this villager, despite being a rowdy tiger with the iconic orange and black stripes.

Ricky: He has a very bland design with angry facial features. This weird combination makes him seem like a villain and no one likes those guys in Animal Crossing.

Friga: She is the least liked penguin in this game, as the community simply can’t stand her design and personality.

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5 villagers that are everyone’s favorite in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bianca: She is the loveliest tigress anyone can find in the game, as the community loves to spend some quality time with her.

Dom: Sheep are adored and loved both in real life and in Animal Crossing, This is where Dom outshines everyone inside the game, as the community simply can’t get enough of this guy.

Audie: The cutest fox character that exists in the game, Audie carries the most charming personality of them all.

Tia: Elephants are all massive cuties that can become humanity’s best friend, and Tia represents them incredibly well. She is a female elephant villager, who is designed as a tiny teapot, and that’s just adorable.

Gayle: She was the first alligator villager of the game, and the community still adores and loves her to this day.

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