Amnesty, Transparency allegedly paid over 2billion to CSOs to blackmail Nigeria Armed forces — Subomi Adejare


Amnesty, Transparency allegedly paid over 2billion to CSOs to blackmail Nigeria Armed forces — Subomi Adejare

Amnesty, Transparency allegedly paid over 2billion to CSOs to blackmail Nigeria Armed forces — Subomi Adejare

Fresh facts have emerged on how Amnesty and Transparency International forged an alliance towards undermining the Nigerian Military. According to investigative findings, the plot was hatched by Amnesty International, while Transparency International was conscripted to give the plot the needed bite to succeed.

According to top security sources, the objective of Amnesty and Transparency International was to ensure that civil society groups in Nigeria are the face of the slander campaign while the real promoters are at the background monitoring events as they unfold.

“I can tell you that lots of monies exchanged hands. The exact figure I can’t quote, but it runs into billions of naira and traceable to Amnesty International and Transparency International. Some select lawyers were paid handsomely from the pool of funds, and they are meant to recruit willing collaborators in the plot to discredit the Nigerian Military.

Another source who pleaded anonymity stated that some Civil Society Organizations were recruited to issue press statements and conferences disparaging the Nigerian Military and accusing it of engaging in human rights violations in its operations in North-East Nigeria and other parts of the country.

“If you have observed that in the past months, some Civil Society Organizations have been very vocal in criticism of the Nigerian Military especially during and after the EndSARS protest across the country. The arrowhead of the group is a respected Nigerian lawyer and also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.”

“This lawyer was greased with a hefty sum of monies to lead the charge against the Nigerian Military and as such he has been very prominent in the media making quite weighty allegations against the Nigerian Military most of which were dictated and not a function of the reality on the ground.”

In a related development, investigative findings revealed that there is a grand plot by some vested interest to bring about political instability in Nigeria beginning from April 2021, and as such the Nigerian Military have been identified as a potential stumbling block to the actualization of the agenda, which was reliably gathered, is sponsored by Amnesty and Transparency International.

According to credible Intel, the Nigerian Military has been subject of ferocious attacks, from within and outside the country. And the recent being from the International Criminal Court (ICC) wherein it stated that the Nigerian Military would be investigated for war crimes in the prosecution of the war against insurgency. The line of thought is that if the Nigerian Military can be tamed, then the next rounds of political protest would be a smooth sail.

According to insiders in the security sector that unravelled the plot disclosed that substantial amounts of monies were wired through the accounts of one of the International NGOs in Nigeria domiciled outside the country to evade the prying eyes of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) domiciled within the Central Bank of Nigeria and the central coordinating body for Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Counter-Proliferation Financing.

It was also revealed that tranches of monies were wired to the accounts of a law firm under the narration of payment for legal services. Upon interrogation by the security agencies, there was no record of the law firm representing the International NGO in any matter of dispute.

A source who is conversant with the antecedent of the lead counsel in the law firm confided that the lead counsel is a man of many faces and never to be trusted.

“Nigerians would be in for a shocker when the atrocities of the supposed lawyer of repute come to the open. He cuts deals not minding the implication for national security and those of us close to him; we have warned him times without number to tread carefully. His response has always been that who would feed his family?”

The source further added that the lawyer would jump at any given opportunity to make money.

“His greed is legendary. It has now become more of a curse because he quakes at the mention of money and goes all out about it. I recall there was a particular case where some monies were traced to his account, and he cleverly made some very despicable statements about the government that took the attention away from the findings. I can bet that the government has a dossier on him and waiting for the perfect time to come to the open.”

The above stated was corroborated by another source who pleaded anonymity, stated that the EndSARS protest was a significant harvest for the lawyer as he received mind-boggling sums of monies through proxies for him to act in support of the protest even with the knowledge of the agenda of the promoters.

“It was a reign of monetary harvest as lots of monies exchanged hands during the EndSARS protest. The lawyer, as we call him, was unapologetic in his approach. He told all that cared to listen that he was for sale to the highest bidder and that much was what played out with regards his role in the whole saga.”

The source further added that Amnesty International played a key role in the EndSARS protest and in conjunction with some select Civil Society Organizations that were recommended by the same lawyer.

“I can say authoritatively that Amnesty International relied on the opinion of the lawyer during the EndSARS protest. He was the one that made recommendations on the number of civil society groups to work with and imagine a situation where some of the civil society groups only exist on paper and not in reality.”

It would be recalled that the Nigerian Military has been subject of media scrutiny for the role it played during the EndSARS protest that rocked the country.

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