AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

AMD today announced a suite of new processors based on the company’s latest Zen4 architecture. Chief among them are the new V-Cache 3D desktop parts as well as a range of new mobile processors.

On the desktop side, we have three new 3D V-Cache models as AMD expands its lineup to include dual CCX models as well. This includes the 8-core Ryzen 7 7800X3D, the 12-core Ryzen 9 7900X3D, and the 16-core Ryzen 9 7950X3D.

The 7950X3D has the same 16MB L2 cache as the 7950X, but the L3 cache has been increased to 128MB for a total cache of 144MB. The 7900X3D also has 128MB of L3 cache, bringing its total to 140 MB. The most important part is that both of these models have the same clock rates as their non-3D V-Cache variants.

The 7800X3D has a more modest upgrade that is more in line with the 5800X3D. Compared to the 7700X, the 7800X3D has the L2 cache of 8 GB but the L3 cache has been increased to 96 MB, like on the 5800X3D. Also, like the 5800X3D, the 7800X3D has reduced clock speeds compared to the 7700X, increasing the maximum boost from 5.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz.

It should be noted that while the 7950X3D and 7900X3D have double the L1 and L2 cache of the 7800X3D since they have two CCX units, the L3 cache is not doubled, suggesting that all the additional 3D V-Cache is dedicated to just one of their CCXs. This may explain why the 7700X3D has lower clock speeds, otherwise it would perform very similarly to more expensive 3D V-Cache models in games.

AMD also announced new affordable non-X models in the desktop Ryzen 7000 series. This includes the Ryzen 5 7600, Ryzen 7 7700, and Ryzen 9 7900. The 7900 is particularly interesting because it’s the first time a non-X Ryzen 9 part will be sold directly to regular buyers and not just OEMs.

These newer parts have lower clock speeds and power limits below 65W, with the 7600 and 7900 getting a 200 MHz reduction in boost clocks and the 7700 a 100 MHz reduction over their X variants. The 7900 and the 7700 also come with AMD Wraith Prism coolers in the box while the 7600 comes with the Wraith Stealth.

AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

Next, AMD also announced its new Ryzen 7000 series of mobile processors. This includes the high-end Ryzen 7045 “Dragon Range” series for gaming and creation laptops, and the Ryzen 7040 “Phoenix” series, for desktops. ultra-thin flagship laptops, both based on the Zen4 architecture. These chips also feature a dedicated AI engine, a first for an x86-based processor.

AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

Then there’s the Zen3+-based Ryzen 7035 “Rembrandt-R” series for premium thin and light laptops and the Zen3-based Ryzen 7030 “Barcelo-R” series for mainstream thin and light laptops. Finally, the Ryzen 7020 “Mendocino” series is aimed at entry-level machines and based on the older Zen2 architecture.

In total, there are eighteen models in the Ryzen 7000 for mobile, which is exactly the level of confusion you’d expect from any laptop-related hardware announcement.

AMD announces new Ryzen 7000 desktop and mobile processors

AMD also announced the Radeon RX 7000 series graphics for laptops based on the new RDNA 3 architecture. There are four models, the more powerful RX 7600M XT and the RX 7600M for powerful gaming laptops and two low-powered variants. power RX 7700S and the RX 7600S for thin and light laptops. The 7600M XT and 7700S have 32 compute units while the other two have 28. All have 8GB of GDDR6 memory and 32MB of Infinity Cache. The main difference is that the 7000S series has lower clock speeds for lower power consumption.

See the links below for more details on all of the individual models mentioned here.

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