Alexa Bliss is Devastated After the Recent Releases of WWE Superstars


Alexa Bliss is Devastated After the Recent Releases of WWE Superstars

WWE gave fans a huge surprise in the main event of Friday Night SmackDown with the return of Edge. However, the promotion had already sent shockwaves throughout the WWE universe and among its roster after they released over a dozen superstars. Several WWE Superstars expressed displeasure over it, including Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss unhappy with recent WWE releases

As Twitter exploded with news of several WWE superstars getting released, it also caught Alexa Bliss’ eye. ‘Twisted Miss Bliss‘ took to Twitter to express herself after learning about the string of releases on Friday. She wrote that superstars releases always hurt her heart.

WWE Superstars train at the Performance Center. So irrespective of whether they are on the same brand or not, they do cross paths there. Hence, even though there are majorly NXT and 205 live superstars being released, it still hurts Bliss. And rightly so.

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While Superstars were getting released, a twitter user did something really uncool. The user responded to a tweet of Fandango’s release and tagged Alexa, asking her to receive the call. Basically, the user hoped Bliss, too, gets the call to get released.

However, Alexa Bliss had a fitting reply for the ungrateful user. She sarcastically wrote it’s cool to make fun of other people losing their jobs. Bliss added that she hopes the user is better than what they’re showing to be.

It’s really uncool of people to hope for other to lose their jobs. No one, absolutely no one should have to go through losing their job. This is not the first time a WWE Superstar has lashed out at a fan/twitter user for their insensitive comments about release.

During the last string of releases, a user hoped for Baron Corbin to lose his job. At the time, Corbin had completely schooled the user for his insensitive comment. There’s one thing fans must learn and that is to stay in their limits. After all, these guys entertain us week in and week out while living a dream job.

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