Adesua tackles critics comparing her to Banky W

Adesua tackles critics comparing her to Banky W

Adesua Etomi-Wellington, the wife of famous Nigerian singer Banky W, who decided to delve into the music industry, has been heavily criticized by critics.

Adesua started putting out original musical compositions recently. Last year, she released her debut EP called Sue Me which consisted of songs like “Too Much”, “Hold You Down”, “Dodged A Bullet”, and more.

However, a number of people have said that the songs sound like they were all written by Banky, and others say that their sounds are just too similar.

During an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Adesua opened up about these comparisons.

Responding to the criticisms leveled against her, she noted that she noted that she had always sang the way she does for years.

Here’s what she said:

I never thought of myself as an artiste per se, I just knew that I loved singing and at some point in my life, I would love for people to hear me sing. And I think that’s kinda like where it stopped until obviously, I met Banky, and he was just always like “you sing, why aren’t you doing anything with it? When God gives you gifts, he expects you to use it”. And, after having Zaiah, I was just like why not? Because at some point in my life, I know I’m going to tell my son to go for it, and how much of a hypocrite would I be if I don’t go for it and I’m telling him to go for it.

Throughout this journey, people keep saying things like “oh you and Banky sound alike”, but I’ve sounded like this for years! And I think maybe it’s a thing of our style of music and how much we love R & B, and maybe the eras we were influenced by. So I hear a lot that we sound alike, and for me that is a compliment because I think he is insanely talented and I love his voice. It has this beautiful rasp and rawness to it, and I just think it’s so God given and obviously he has honed it over the years as well. So I love love love his sound.

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