Actress Mosun Filani lashes out over claim that ‘bullion van at Tinubu’s house missed its way’

Actress Mosun Filani lashes out over claim that ‘bullion van at Tinubu’s house missed its way’

Nollywood actress and politician’s wife, Mosun Filani-Oduoye has lashed out over claims that a bullion van that was at All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu’s house reportedly missed its way.

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The 2019 bullion van story was revived when Ayodele Adewale, the organising secretary of the APC in Lagos, said the vehicles seen entering Bola Tinubu’s residence missed their intended address.

Recall hours before the 2019 presidential election was scheduled to commence, viral photos on social media showed two bullion vans driving into Tinubu’s residence.


There were speculations as to what was contained in the vehicles, with many saying it was ballot papers, while there were claims that it was money. Tinubu claimed the vehicles contained money and not ballot papers.

Speaking in a recent interview on Arise Television on Thursday, January 26, Adewale said Tinubu, was joking when he said the bullion vans contained money. His words:

“On the matter of the bullion van, I think that matter has been put to rest. There was no money in the bullion van and the bullion van that even came missed the address to have come there.

“The bullion van didn’t move on election day. I was in that house that very day. The bullion van missed the address to have come there. It was not invited by Asiwaju or anybody.

“What he said about money being inside the bullion vans was a joke. He said that jokingly.”

Reacting to Adewale’s remarks minutes ago, Mosun Filani-Oduoye, knocked the former for thinking Nigerians are fools. She said despite knowing her post will generate a lot of backlash, she won’t take it down.

Urging Nigerians to vote wisely in the upcoming elections, Mosun Filani stated that if anyone mistakenly followed bullion vans on the highway, such person is dealt with, talk more of missing its way. She wrote:

“Sebi jeje wa ni ago.

A bullion truck that if u follow too closely on the highway sef, u go collect, now entered a wrong address! Where exactly was it suppose to go, abi that place look like a bank?

Why not come to my house instead, sebi na wrong address.

We are no fools!!!

Pls vote wisely o, cos na another 4/8 yrs if we don’t get it right again.

We all have the right to vote whom ever we want, but let’s do so with our sense not greed.

I know a lot will buly me for this post, but I won’t take it down…. Let ur conscience be the judge.

May God have mercy upon Nigeria and take control.”

Buttressing her point in another post, Mosun Filani added:

”Aki wi sibe… Ka ku sibe.
If we no talk, dem go talk say we no talk.
If we talk…. Dem go begin bully us up and down say why we talk.
But for dem mind down down, dem know say na true we talk, but Atesunate/Atenuie lofe pawon. Iwo ma dira o…..lku pa e
Wonti je dodo… Enu won ole so ododo mo.

I no kuku campaign for anybody, but for my mind… I know who is actually fit for the job, and am sure we all know…. But na money Dey block ur vision.

Money wey u go collect now and suffer for the next 4/8 yrs.

Don’t mind me, just thinking aloud, cos everything kan sumi ni sha ( I’m tired).”

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