Actress Bimbo Ademoye becomes filmmaker as she produces her first movie

Actress Bimbo Ademoye becomes filmmaker as she produces her first movie

Nollywood actress, now filmmaker Bimbo Ademoye has excitedly announced the emergence of her first film, ‘Lola’s Gift’.

The actress got emotional talking about the journey from actress to producer via her Instagram page.Bimbo Ademoye shared that for the longest time, folks had asked when she was going to make her own movies and her reply was usually that she isn’t in a hurry.

In 2020 however, a story came to her that she couldn’t let go of. She got in touch with a script writer and then went on to assemble a formidable cast to interpret the roles. This led to the birthing of her production outfit, A3 Studios, named after her dad.

Finally, the movie was shot and aired on ROK DSTV, Channel 168, on Monday at 8pm. See Bimbo Ademoye’s lengthy write-up below:

“GOOD NEWS!! This is going to be a very long caption. But pls guys, I’d love for you to read it. Over the years, I’ve been asked by several people, “Bimbo, when are you going to shoot your own film, when are you going to direct your own film?

My response was always , I’m not in a hurry, I’m really enjoying being an actor, and when the time is right, I’d know.

In 2020 ,during the lock down, while laying on my bed in my dad’s house, a story came to my head. I kept ignoring, but it just wouldn’t go away, at some point . I found myself crying while reenacting some scenes in front of the mirror. At that point, I knew it was time. I reached out to @oziomanwughala (one of the most gifted writers i know) and told her the story, she immediately got to work, I reached out to @ijeomagraceagu and said I want to shoot a film, I’m very clueless, and I don’t want my mom @uduakisong1 to spoil me, I want to learn. Because left to @uduakisong1 she’d give me the money for the film and shoot it for free, mama bear is always ready to make my life easy & .

ljeoma said I’m ready whenever you are. So I said, to shoot a film, I’d have to start a production company. That was how A3 STUDIOS was birthed (Adkunle.Abdulyekin.Ademoye studios) . Yes I named it after my rock, my biggest supporter, MY DAD .. 2 drafts later, we had a script. I called on @uzor.arukwe , asked if he’d be available for me.

His response was “ANYTIME ANYDAY (God bless you my G) , asked @kunleremiofficial, he said let’s shoot. I had a small audition and God blessed me with the talent called @sapphireekeng .November 2020, we shot a film called LOLA’S GIFT. Directed by @ijeomagraceagu

Executive produced by A3 studios (owned by Bimbo Ademoye *flipshair* )

Story by Bimbo Ademoye

Written by @oziomanwughala.

PIs if you know @larageorgemusic help me tell her thank you , when you watch the film. You’d understand why… she came through for me, even without knowing me.

I’m very very very nervous .it’s like my unofficial first born . I’d love us to watch and tell me exactly how you feel…”

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