A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

Exciting news for gamers around the world: Samsung Electronics has opened Odyssey Universe, a new custom map created in Fortnite, one of the most popular Third-Person Shooter (TPS) games with millions of players worldwide.

The Odyssey universe was inspired by the Samsung Odyssey line of monitors, which takes gamers on a futuristic journey with its unique identity and futuristic designs. Players can explore the worlds of the Odyssey universe, travel by starlight, and complete missions in unique levels spread across the map.

Popular streamers SypherPK and NickEH30 present the Odyssey universe

To celebrate the release of Odyssey Universe, Samsung invited world-renowned streamers SypherPK and NickEH30 to explore the Odyssey Universe and interact with their fans around the world.

“It was a great map with amazing detail. Every mini game played well and was exciting. It was great playing with Nick Eh 30 as we have collaborated many times before! – SypherPK

“Playing the Odyssey Universe map with Sypher was so much fun! I have a Samsung Odyssey monitor, so seeing it in person and then in-game, perfectly recreated, was so cool! Sypher and I just finished and I already want to revisit the card and play again to beat my scores!” – NickEH30

▲ SypherPK and NickEH30 helped launch the Odyssey universe on Twitch during an unforgettable stream

Explore the Odyssey universe, discover cutting-edge features

The first thing players encounter in Odyssey Universe is a huge lobby. Five distinct worlds are available in the lobby, each with a distinct mission available. These worlds – Levels Ark, G9, G8, G7 and G6 – are inspired by and named after the Odyssey line of games.

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Players start in the lobby when entering the Fortnite Odyssey Universe map. Five worlds inspired by Odyssey monitors are available to you.

Let’s take a look at Level Ark. Level Ark features a mission to escape a maze by answering questions based on Odyssey. In order to unlock different lanes, players will need to use all the knowledge they have about Odyssey monitors.

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲Odyssey Universe Level Ark. Players can only escape the maze when they solve all the clues on the Odyssey series.

The G9 level was inspired by the Odyssey Neo G9, an extremely large display that looks and feels like two monitors combined into one. At the G9 level, players must land a golf ball in the hole, which may seem easier than it is. A 49-inch ultrawide monitor like the one in the Neo G9 will help them complete the mission without too much stress.

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Odyssey Universe Level G9. Players are invited to test their mini-golf skills

The G8 level features a racing track with many curves, representing the curvature of the Odyssey Neo G8 (1000R) and Odyssey OLED G8 (1800R). Running along the track opens up new views of a vast 360° universe for an extremely immersive experience. Level G8 will provide a challenge, as it has two goals: a race against the clock and counting the number of monitors that appear next to the track as players race.

A new world created in Fortnite – Samsung Global Newsroom

▲ Odyssey Universe Level G8. A racing track with continuous curves makes the gameplay more exciting.

To highlight a refresh rate essential for gaming monitors, the Level G7 was designed as a shooting range. Gamers need to hit all their targets in a limited amount of time, aided by a refresh rate of up to 240Hz available on Odyssey’s high-end monitors.

And in level G6, players have to collect tokens from a huge shopping mall within a limited time. Gamers will see Odyssey gaming monitors in stores and encounter all Samsung Odyssey monitors as they pursue their goals.

For players whose blood is beginning to pump at the thought of a thrilling experience created in Fortnite, Samsung Electronics has prepared a “treasure hunt” event for players to dive into. By following SypherPK and NichEH30 on social media for clues, players can explore the Odyssey Universe map to find answers hidden within each of the worlds. By submitting responses to the Odyssey Universe event website, they will be eligible to enter sweepstakes for Odyssey Gaming Monitors. The winners will be announced on the Samsung Odyssey Twitch channel on March 30 at 7 p.m. EST.


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