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9 things men can do to make women fall in love deeper


9 things men can do to make women fall in love deeper

9 things men can do to make women fall in love deeper

There are a number of things that men do when pursuing their love interest. Being romantic and taking her out on dates is just a few of them.

The challenge comes when love is in the picture and a relationship ensues.

Here are 9 things that can make a woman fall in love deeper:

1. Planning for dates

We enjoy the man taking charge and planning for dates. Women can have her opportunities to plan but it is more exciting when the man plans because we associate the planning to other things like romance.

In fact this is your chance to show her that you appreciate her, you understand her and know what she likes.

2. Cook for her

Yes, we all know the stereotype that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

It may even be argued that it is a case of tradition, the roles of men and women in society.

That doesn’t mean that women don’t appreciate a hand or even that special meal once in a while.

3. Being Patient

Learn to be patient with her. When she decides to take you shopping for one dress and ends up taking you round the whole mall, it happens once in a while, keep calm through it all.

4. Being a great listener

A man needs to be his woman’s shoulder to lean on but more than that he needs to listen to her daily.

Being someone’s better half is more than just going on dates. It’s about listening to what ails your woman, what makes her angry and what makes her happy.

5. Embracing good grooming

Women love a man with a good sense of style. No one expects you to be the best ‘fashionista’ out there or to dress like David Beckham but making an effort is good.

That also includes reducing the jewelry, ensuring that you’re clean, neat short nails, kempt hair, you know, the basics.

6. Dependability and responsibility

It’s great when women can depend on their partners. If she tells you to pass by the store to get something that is needed for supper and it’s on your way, or carrying the trash out as you leave for the office in the morning. Do you forget

Being responsible about things you are in charge of or she requests of you means that you will be able to take care of her and even possibly a family.

She will trust you and feel even more secure which is one of the things that make you a keeper.

7. Being good in bed

Being good in bed is not dependent on your sexual prowess but that you are excited about her body and you are able to cater to her needs.

You can even try dominance and other new things that you know she likes and you haven’t tried. She will appreciate the effort.

8. Being confident

Women love a man who is confident about who he is and what he does; they are drawn to men who are sure of themselves.

9. Show your vulnerability

Being sensitive means you are able to empathize with her when she is troubled. Showing your emotional side can help your relationship grow a lot closer.

Yes you are a tough man, but there is nothing as appealing as having a man who is hard-core but also has a soft core that can cater to her emotional side.

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