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9 silly things women do in the name of love


9 silly things women do in the name of love

9 silly things women do in the name of love

If you have ever fallen head over heels in love with a special someone, you will agree that love can be as dangerous a drug as cocaine or heroin.

The effect of being in love on the brain is comparable to the effect of the chemicals that are released when you take cocaine or heroin.

If you have heard that love makes people crazy or stupid, it could be because being in love actually does make chemical changes to the brain.

Because the feeling of love is so addicting, some people have been known to do very crazy and stupid things. Below are some things which many consider stupid that women do in the name of love, especially in the early stages of their relationship.

1. Giving your money to a man

Some ladies will go to whatever length to keep a man, who obviously doesn’t love them. Some will steal their parents money to give to their man. Some men have refused to make themselves useful and rely on some stupid girl, who brings all her salary to him at the end of the month while he sits at home and helps her spend it. Some girls have even used their school fees to celebrate birthday for a man.

2. Sharing some really dark secrets

It’s not wrong to share some secrets with a man you are sure loves you and wants to marry you but some things are better left unsaid. Does your man share his own secret with you? If not, why should you share yours?

3. Sending your nude pictures

It’s really baffling why people do this even after so many people have landed in trouble for it. A number of girls have had their nude pictures shared online by angry boyfriends who wants to punish them.

4. Engagement ring

Some girls have been wearing their engagement ring for over 10 years and the guy is not even talking anything about marriage. Are you lord of the rings? Open your eyes and move on. Also some ladies are wearing the engagement ring of man who doesn’t know their homes, neither has he seen any member of her family. If he is really serious about you, he would ask to know your family.

5. Cutting off all their friends and family

Some ladies will fight with anybody who tries to tell them the truth about their relationship. Some ladies become an island. It’s just them and their boyfriends. When he decides he doesn’t want you anymore, what happens? By then you have chased away all those who would have been there for you.

6. Becoming his maid

Some girlfriends have become their boyfriend’s cleaner, washing machine, cook and the list goes on. There’s nothing wrong with doing things for your man every once in a while but when it becomes a regular thing and he makes it your duty then it is wrong. It’s not like he has paid your bride price so why should you be slaving for him.

7. Remain in an abusive relationship

Why would you remain with a guy who beats you blue black on a regular basis just because you are in love? Stop deceiving yourself that he will change better run for your life before he ends up killing you. There are better men out there.

8. Going out with a man who doesn’t respect other women

If he abuses his mother, beats his sisters, disrespects every woman around him except you, he will surely do same to you some day. It is only a matter of time.

9. Fighting because of a man

Some girls don’t mind embarrassing themselves and getting naked while fighting dirty in public because of one man that doesn’t even love you. If you catch your man with another girl, why fight the girl? It’s not like she put a gun on his head, forcing him to cheat on you.

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