9 reasons why online dating isn’t for everyone

9 reasons why online dating isn’t for everyone


9 reasons why online dating isn’t for everyone

9 reasons why online dating isn’t for everyone

Online dating has emerged as a viable option for people who find it difficult to find partners for them.

While in the real world, you meet people only in your surroundings which limits your options, online dating gives you the luxury of choosing someone from a wide variety of people with their profiles on social networking websites.

Online dating is no less than a boon for some people but it is not a medium which should be used by everyone.

1. You are not too well versed with the internet

Before you think about online dating, you must make sure that you know how to use the internet. A lot of people get confused when they land up on social networking websites. Though these websites are easy to access, people who have never used the internet will find it difficult to browse through them.

2. You are reckless

People tend to get a little carried away when they find so many people on the internet. If you consider yourself to be a reckless person who makes rash decisions, you should not think about getting into online dating.

3. You are already in a relationship

Social networking websites have become a big reason for people breaking up with their partners. Most people are on these websites and they tend to become friends with strangers. This friendship leads to several other things and they cheat on their partners. If you are in a relationship, you should stay away from these websites.

4. There are fakes

There is no dearth of people who create fake profiles on social networking websites. Some do it for fun and some have ulterior motives. A guy might be talking to you in the garb of a girl. That is the reason why you need to be careful and limit your friends’ circle to the people you know personally.

5. You are a reserved person

Online dating is not for shy people. You will come across strangers and you have to talk to them. If you are a very reserved person, you will not be able to muster the courage to talk to strangers on the internet. You have to open up and let yourself loose. Unless you do that, you will have no luck coming your way.

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6. You are sensitive

In online dating, things could go terribly wrong at times. Come to think of it, you’re dating a person whom you have never met personally and do not know much about them. You start dating them, are serious about them and one day, they break your heart. You would not be able to deal with this, and would get depressed thinking about the entire incident.

7. You worry about people’s perception

You introduce yourself to people all across the globe on the internet. There are people who are not confident and shy away from people because of this. No matter how you look, what you wear and how much you earn, you should always be very confident about yourself and must portray your true self.

8. You do not want to get into a relationship

You want to date someone but do not want to get into a relationship right now. What if you start dating someone and things get serious? You should always think about these things before you decide to get into online dating.  When you start dating someone, you must keep them abreast of your expectations and intentions.

9. You have trust issues

You will not get to meet or talk to the person whom you interact with online. Of course, if you are very serious about them, you could think of a way to actually meet them in person. But unless that happens, you are dependent on the internet to communicate with them. If you consider yourself to be an insecure person, then you should not think about online dating as you will end up having trust issues with your partner.

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