9 non-verbal ways men show their love


9 non-verbal ways men show their love


If you happen to be with a man who doesn’t open up to you about how he loves you, it’s not necessarily a cause for worry just yet.

This is especially true if a lot of the signs that are listed here apply to your man and your relationship.

Be happy if you have a guy who is going to do these things for you. It’s very likely that he loves you and he isn’t afraid of showing it with his actions.

1. He shows a willingness to compromise with you

He really does whatever he can to meet you halfway. He doesn’t let his selfish desires or his ego get in the way of his shot at getting with you.

2. He spends most of his time with you

He really does like to spend most of his time around you. He considers you to be such an important of his life that he would be willing to prioritize you with his time.

3. He smiles as much as he can whenever he’s around you

He is constantly smiling whenever he’s around you. This is proof that he’s just so comfortable whenever the two of you spend time together. He really does enjoy your company. And you manage to bring a lot of happiness into his life.

4. He asks you about your thoughts and opinions

He shows a genuine interest in whatever you have to say about something. He asks for your advice. He asks for your opinion. He truly values whatever thoughts or ideas you might regardless of the topic.

5. He opens up to you about his goals and fears

He opens up to you about the most intimate aspects of his life. He might not necessarily tell you that he loves you. But you know that there is an immense trust there if he lets you into his life in ways that other people don’t really get to.

6. He puts a lot of thought and effort into planning your dates

He understands that dating you is important because these are opportunities for the two of you to really bond and get closer to one another. He wants to make the most out of the chances that he can get to spend some intimate and private time with you.

7. He introduces you to his closest friends and family

He wants to be able to integrate you into his life in very deep and profound ways. And that’s why he is looking to introduce you to all the important people in his life. He does this because you’re slowly turning into a very important person for him as well.

8. He makes an effort for your friends to like him

He knows just how important it is for you that your friends like him. And that’s why he’s not just content with winning you over. He also makes it a point to make sure that your friends have a positive view and opinion of him as well.

9. He runs errands for you

He always shows a willingness to run errands for you and do things for you. He does whatever he can to make your life as easy and as convenient as possible. He wouldn’t be afraid of putting your needs and your happiness above his own.

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