9 mistakes young couples make in marriage


9 mistakes young couples make in marriage


Young love is spontaneous, dreamy and giddish. There are a string of emotions in your youthful years that culminate into love and excitement.

But, sometimes, young couples unintentionally sabotage their relationships/marriage. Hence, we bring to you some common mistakes you can avoid:

1. The need to listen

Couples should know when they need to listen. Instead of speaking up all the time, be calm and listen to the other person. If two people end up arguing and expressing their opinions at the same time, there will be no proper conclusion to the argument.

2. Competing against each other

Even in love, young people have a constant urge to compete for success against each other. But this will bear no fruit in the relationship/marriage. As long as you both respect and support each other’s goals rather than being jealous of the achievements, you both can proceed into a healthy one.

3. Not speaking up

You shouldn’t have to wait for the right time to speak up to your partner about something that has bothered you. If you continue to suppress your feelings, fearing that the other person won’t take it seriously, then it will result in a big blow-out later on.

4. Don’t lie

You may think that it isn’t a very big deal if you happen to indulge in little, harmless lies. But that’s a huge mistake. Trust is built in a relationship/marriage from day 1, no matter how young the love is. Lies, once uttered cannot be taken back.

5. Rebound relationships

These may be one of the most popular kinds of relationships but it definitely isn’t constructive for the human heart. You can’t enter into a marriage being unhappy, hoping that it’ll distract you from your past heartbreak. Your partner shouldn’t suffer from all your insecurities that are the ashes remaining from your burnt past.

6. Ignoring red flags

Don’t ignore glaring signs of your relationship turning toxic and unhealthy. It will only hurt you more, down the road. Identifying red flags is important to realise why your partner may not be the best fit for you. You wouldn’t want to threaten your own sanity over an undeserving partner.

7. Your only source of happiness

Young couples shouldn’t label each other as their only source of happiness. Love shouldn’t be the only thing that keeps them going, but ambition, success, hard work, dedication, individualistic values and more are aspects you should hang onto.

8. Take time to dissolve fights

It’s not necessary to make up just after you and your partner have had a fight. Take some time to gather your thoughts, cool off or even sleep over it. The next day, when you both wake up fresh, be ready to discuss the problem in a clearer state of mind. Don’t follow the ‘we won’t sleep angry’ rule.

9. Don’t fight over unnecessary things

Even if you’re young and in love, you both need to act mature in order to continue retaining a healthy relationship. Fighting over stupid, and redundant things will only escalate the matter, causing hard feelings to grow. Now, we wouldn’t want that right?

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