9 best foods to give a child with diarrhea


9 best foods to give a child with diarrhea


Do you know there are foods you can give to toddlers with diarrhea? Yes, these foods have been confirm to help stop diarrhea fast.

When a baby passes free or watery stools, you call that diarrhea. For certain kids, diarrhea is gentle and will disappear within a couple of days. For other kids, it might last more.

Diarrhea is dehydrating (makes your baby lose a lot of liquid) and feel weak.

Diarrhea in toddlers can be a troubling time for most parents; diarrhea in toddlers leads to dehydration and compounds diaper rash pain.

When this happens, parents search for solutions. This post is about helping Parents with kids suffering diarrhea.

1. Bananas

My number one pick for foods to give toddlers with diarrhea is banana. Banana can help to solidify your toddler’s stools, in this way mitigating the severity of diarrhea.

Steam and chop the banana into little pieces before given it to your baby.

2. Rice Cereal

Handmade rice grains are filled with iron, fiber, manganese, protein, and a huge amount of other essential nutrients and minerals for infants. It provides an incredible solution to diarrhea for little children of 4 months or more

3. Bread (toasted bread)

This is one of the more favored food for toddlers during diarrhea. White bread acts as a binding agent, the bread can be eaten toasted to provide a quicker response.

Abstain from using spreads, margarine, jam, as it will just worsen the circumstance.

4. Apple Purée

Applesauce can help control diarrhea in toddlers older than six months old. The puree is helpful to grown-ups also.

5. Cooked Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are good foods to give to toddlers with diarrhea. Food substances that have starch can provide sustenance to your children. mashed potatoes seasoned with cumin seeds reduces gas and also helps to stop diarrhea.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt with probiotics may likewise be a decent option for healthy baby stomachs.

7. Breastmilk for +0 months’ old

In the event where your breast-feeding infant makes a mess in his pants or diapers, keep breastfeeding him/her. Mother’s breast-milk will help keep baby hydrated and continue to tackle his troubled bowels.

8. Ginger

Numerous moms from the earlier years depend on the power of ginger in decreasing the side effects of diarrhea. For the most part, ginger drink or its other forms are intended for kids that are slightly older and not young babies.

9. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of such foods to give toddlers with diarrhea, it is an aged-long remedy used in various parts of the world till date.

It is prepared by grinding a little bit of the flavor on a stone processor to get some powder. This powder is then blended in with some water and offered to children. The mixture is a powerful relief to diarrhea in kids for more than six months and under ten years old.

When to see a doctor

If your toddler has diarrhea, don’t spare a moment to call the doctor for counsel. Diarrhea is particularly risky in babies and newborns, leading to dehydration in only a day or two.

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