8 wonderful benefits of Coffee on the skin



8 wonderful benefits of Coffee on the skin




Coffee is a beloved beverage that many consume for a much-needed energy boost in the morning and throughout the day.

Though this is the most common use, it has many other benefits both on your health and skin. For beauty, it’s mostly used topically as a scrub or mask.

Here are some of the benefits of coffee on the skin.

1. Exfoliates

Coffee grounds make a great, natural exfoliator and the best part is, it’s easy to make at home. Once you’re done making the beverage, store the grounds overnight then use it to exfoliate your skin. The scrub removes dead skin cells to give you glowing skin. Additionally, it’s gentler than other scrubs. This leaves your skin feeling smooth without irritating it.

2. Counters Ageing Effects

Coffee is a common ingredient in many face and body scrubs. It’s been said to prevent wrinkles and even prevent wrinkle damage after it happens. Though it’s said that drinking coffee ages the skin, research shows that its antioxidant properties reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness and sunspots which are a result of ageing.

3. Minimizes Blackheads

As mentioned, coffee exfoliates pretty well which prevents several skin problems including blackheads. These are a result of dirt buildup in the pores and can make the skin look uneven. Coffee cleans the pores and eventually, tightens them giving you a smooth appearance.

4. Prevents Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has become a huge threat due to the harsh weather conditions caused by global warming. One way to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer is by consuming coffee regularly. It contains Vitamin B3 which is known to prevent skin cancer and other skin growths. It also has a protective property against UV damage which causes skin cancer.

5. Reduces Dark Circles

Coffee not only keeps your eyes wide open but also gives you beautiful eyes. It stimulates blood flow and dilates blood vessels thus reducing fluid buildup under the eyes. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and puffiness around the eyes. You can say goodbye to dark circles after trying this hack.

6. Reduce oily face

While oily skin is great in keeping your skin looking youthful, it can be annoying when you have to powder your face every hour. You can counter this effect by using a coffee mask. This natural dehydrator will shrink your pores thus reducing the amount of oil generated.

7. Brightens

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity thus giving it a dull appearance. Coffee masks are a great solution to counter this effect. Thanks to its cell-rejuvenating properties, it promotes the re-growth of skin cells thus boosting elasticity and giving it a glowing appearance.

8. Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite is the excess fat underneath the skin which causes uneven protrusion. While it’s normal and most people have it, you can reduce the appearance using coffee. A study showed that when applied topically, coffee reduced the size of fatty cells by 17%. Therefore, a regular scrub on your problem area can get rid of cellulite.

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