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8 vegan foods rich in proteins that you should know


8 vegan foods rich in proteins that you should know

8 vegan foods rich in proteins that you should know

You are probably trying to shift your diet from meaty products to vegan or simply trying to work on your weight, either way your body still needs all the proteins it can get to stay healthy and function properly.

Proteins come in various forms and can be found in numerous plants. We look at some of the best vegan foods rich in proteins you should consider:

1. Spinach

If you enjoy your smoothies with a little spinach added, or on your salad, you are on the right track. Spinach is one of the most nutrient rich leafy green vegetable and it also contains a lot of proteins. The best part about it is that it is readily available and affordable.

2. Beans

In most cases healthier foods are more pricy and scarce but have you tried beans? Beans are not only rich in proteins but they also contain other nutrients like B vitamins, folate and even potassium. Beans also make it to the top of the list as they contain very little fat.

3. Peas

Like beans, peas also make a good compliment for main course meals served with rice and flat bread. They are easy to prepare, readily available and undeniably delicious. If you are looking to try something new, I would suggest you have some peas stew.

4. Cashew nuts

Nothing beats the rich taste of cashew nuts. They might be a little pricy but worth every penny as you will enjoy every bite. Have you tried adding cashew nuts to your rice? The final taste will take your breath away.

5. Peanut butter

Like cashew nuts, peanut butter is also a rich source of proteins. Although peanut butter is made from peanuts which are also edible, it is much easier when you can spread the butter on bread or use it as a compliment in various sauces.

6. Brown rice

While white rice may have a finer taste and a more appealing look, brown rice actually contains more nutrients that white. Not only will you gain more proteins but you will also gain extra fiber and antioxidants from brown rice.

7. Broccoli

Like spinach, broccoli also contains a lot of protein and other nutrients. Although it may seem dull when cooked, it makes quite the perfect complement in salads. Some people would also rather blend it and add it to sauce to mask its strong taste.

8. Chia seeds

Despite their small size and steep price tag, chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods that exist. This is probably because it delivers a lot of nutrients with very little calories. Also it has a high fiber and protein content that will help you lose weight.

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