8 things about relationships that people fail to realise earlier


8 things about relationships that people fail to realise earlier

8 things about relationships that people fail to realise earlier

One is never too late to learn about love. Our experiences in life give us a lot of insight into how we should act towards the people around us.

Whether it is love, anger, sadness or frustration, feelings are one of the greatest decisive factors in our life. The best lessons in life are derived from the mistakes that we most regret.

If we calmly sit down to retrospect for once, we will realise that the hard lessons in life will greatly help us in deciding our present. If we promise to learn now, we can live a life full of happiness and devoid of sadness.

With innumerable twists and turns, life can throw lemons at you. But, that is up to you whether you catch them or not.

So, we bring to you 8 lessons about love that people learn too late in life. That being said, don’t miss any chances that can lead to a pure, blissful life.

1. It isn’t always about being right

Sometimes, happiness counts more than what is right. If you aim to live life by the rules, it is an admirable quality. But, trying to follow the right path at the expense of your partner’s happiness can be exhausting for them. It is not always about one’s ideals but also about maintaining the interest and considerations of the loved ones.

2. People can’t automatically assume

You can’t expect your partner to know that you care about them, without speaking or showing the right reciprocation of feelings. Shower your partner with love and appreciation even when they aren’t expecting it. Increasing time doesn’t mean you stop letting know how much they matter to you. A simple rose or a favourite home-cooked meal can light up your partner’s day!

3. Don’t consider changing someone

The amount of people hoping to change their partners for the good is enormous. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with the thought that you would change your partner’s habits and make them a better person. This way, you’ll end up having high expectations that can be resentful for the other person. In the end, expectations ruin relationships greatly.

4. Don’t settle

Don’t be in a relationship just for the sake of it. Everyone desires to be loved but when one blindly follows their partner’s love, they settle for less than what they actually deserve. A relationship doesn’t guarantee you all the happiness unless your partner is more than willing to reciprocate your love. You need someone who can be with you during your darkest fears and dreams.

5. You, not anyone else should keep you happy

This is the golden rule of any relationship: without loving yourself, you can’t love anyone else dearly. True happiness comes only when you love yourself entirely and another person contributes to your happiness. Another person shouldn’t have the power to make you happy or sad. You solely hold that responsibility.

6. Exteriors in a relationship don’t matter

Surface level traits like good looks, wealth, ambition only attract a person up to a certain point of time. The first impression does matter, but it doesn’t set the course for a long-lasting relationship. True intentions, opinions, beliefs and how kind one is, matters in the end. You start having respect for your partner in due time, that is an indication for a good relationship.

7. Change is constant

Your relationship will never be the same as it was 5 years ago. People change every day and their views on different matters also change accordingly. It is not necessary that a person has to stick with the same ideals as their partner. If your partner can’t accommodate your changes, maybe it is time to reconsider your relationship.

8. Love isn’t enough

Love isn’t the only thing that binds a relationship. Trust, respect, understanding and more form a relationship. If two people love each other but constantly disrespect or mistreat each other, the relationship won’t last. One has to consider all parameters while preparing for a relationship.

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