8 subtle way to catch a cheating spouse


8 subtle way to catch a cheating spouse

8 subtle way to catch a cheating spouse

The thought that your spouse could be cheating on you is devastating. Making assumptions can also be very stressful.

The best way to handle these suspicions is to do everything in your power to catch them, preferably in the act.

Below are some of the most effective ways to catch a cheating spouse.

1. Suspicious dating apps

This is the foremost way to check if your partner has been cheating on you. Remember your partner’s password and sneak into their phone to check if there are any dating apps they have logged into. Popular dating apps have become pretty common among people nowadays and if your spouse has been using one, then something’s wrong.

2. Frequent text messages

If your partner log into their phone or social media a lot more than usually, then it’s better to check their text messages than be on the blindside. This may seem like an invasion of privacy but to know the truth, you have to take a step ahead. Check out their messaging apps and don’t forget to check their social media too.

3. Internet history

Laptops are seemingly easier to check than phones because people usually don’t save much information on their personal computers. However, your partner’s internet browsing history can help you find clues if they have been spending money on expensive gifts or searching for hotels outside of town. Or if they have no internet history, then your partner is surely hiding things from you.

4. Using phone spy apps

Snooping on your partner’s phone is one of the most effective ways of catching a cheating spouse. Having direct access to your partner’s texts, call logs and e-mails could really reveal a lot. There are various cost-effective cheaters spyware for cell phones that can help uncover a partner’s infidelity.

5. Hire a private investigator

This is also an effective way of catching a cheating partner, particularly in the act. Private investigators are licensed personnel that thoroughly look for evidence by following the cheating partner day and night with the intention of uncovering infidelity.

Private investigators are mostly sought after by persons in binding relationships like marriage or in the case where finances are legally bound.

6. Use a recorder

A recorder is mostly used for recording sounds one makes while they are asleep. On the other hand, they can be used to catch a cheater. If you are mostly out of town or not living with your spouse, you may place it on the bed to catch sounds.

Another option is to place a recorder in their car seat so that you are able to listen to their conversations during the day when you are not together.

7. Gprs tracking devices

Gprs tracking devices will show you the exact location of your spouse in real-time. There are various ways you can use to track your partner’s location. One example is using location spy apps. You could also go to Google maps, select ‘location sharing’. Select ‘share your real time location until you turn this off’. After this, select your phone to share the location of your partner’s whereabouts with.

In addition, you can plant a tracking device on your partner’s car. This will enable you keep track of their location and know where exactly they were that day.

8. Drop by unannounced

Most cheaters will cheat in the absence of their partner’s. You could drop by their workplace or home unannounced or simply come back home at unusual times when they do not expect.

The trick here is not to make it obvious that you are spying on them. Always have an excuse as to why you have dropped by. The first thing your partner will do if they are cheating is not to welcome you with a smile but seem surprised or even angry.

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