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8 signs of disrespect you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship


8 signs of disrespect you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship

8 signs of disrespect you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship

Disrespect is something intolerable in any relationship. And, even if you think you’re strong enough to weather the disrespect storm, not only will the tide take you over, you simply shouldn’t be with someone who isn’t as respectful to you as you are to them.

It comes in many forms. From using crude language to derogatory phrases, usually, it is the sum total of the way that someone makes you feel.

If you think they disrespect you, don’t second guess yourself. You deserve to be in a relationship where you feel valued and loved. Below are 8 disrespect you should never tolerate in a relationship

1. They never put their phone down

I get it, phones are super fun and important, but they shouldn’t ever be more important than spending time with your spouse. When you put your phone in front of your face, it says to your partner, “I’m sorry I have better things going on right now.”

2. Their friends know more about them than you do

A marriage is supposed to be two best friends. If you find out about major life events, or just day to day things, from someone other than your significant other, then that is a sign they don’t make you a priority.

3. They never introduce you to other people they know

What is worse than standing there while your spouse goes on with someone who is clearly a good friend and not only do you not know them, or of them, they don’t even consider you critical enough in their lives to say “Hey, this is my wife/husband.”

4. They only take care of themselves and couldn’t care less about the household

A partnership is supposed to be just that. If they only care about themselves and what is on their agenda, guess what, they don’t respect what is going on in your life. Either way, that isn’t cool.

5. They don’t acknowledge your accomplishments

If you respect someone, then you honor their accomplishments. Someone who isn’t proud of you or what you have accomplished isn’t respectful of who you are or your life goals. Being respectful means not being jealous and giving someone a “hey good job” no matter what is going on in their life.

6. They take every opportunity possible to make you feel less than

When you respect someone, you want to make them feel good about themselves, to build them up. If they take every opportunity to cut you down, point out your insecurities, or just to make you feel bad, that is extremely disrespectful and not something you need.

7. They talk about and to you derogatorily

Respecting someone means you boost them up, not tear them down. If they can’t follow the “Thumper rule” of not saying anything if you can’t say something nice, or even worse, can’t say nice things, then that is one of the signs of disrespect in a marriage.

8. Nothing is off bounds

If they don’t know when to stop, think laughter should be at your expense, or tell intimate details about what goes on in your lives without any thought to how it affects or hurts you, then they simply don’t respect you.

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