8 reasons why men are not attracted to you


8 reasons why men are not attracted to you


At a certain point, after a string of failed attempts at romance, you have to take some time to pause and assess the situation. What is the problem exactly?

Are the men you choose just the kind of people who aren’t into relationships? Or maybe you’re the problem in this equation?

While there is no sure-fire way to win over a particular guy’s heart, there are ways in which you can improve your chances. There are just some universally accepted things that men hate in women. That’s a fact.

If you happen to be guilty of a lot of these things, then that may be the reason you aren’t finding any success in love.

1. You whine a little too much

Men hate it when girls whine. Of course, to some extent, whining is okay. Men tend to screw up a lot and so women tend to whine because of it. However, it gets to a point wherein the whining can get irritating and unproductive.

2. You are too conceited

No one likes Narcissus. No one likes a girl who is too obsessed with herself. Sure, you must love yourself, but not to a point where you make everything about you. You live in a world full of billions of people, and there are other lives that need to be taken into consideration as well, not just yours.

3. You practice poor hygiene

Poor hygiene is always a no-no. A girl must always know how to take care of herself and practice proper hygiene. If she has bad breath or body odor, then you can expect a man to turn around and run away from you as fast as he can.

4. You bring up your ex during conversations

No man in his right mind ever enjoys constant conversations about exes. Maybe once is enough, buy anything more than that is bad. It can get annoying for a man to know that even though you’re together, you’re still talking about another man.

5. You find something bad about everything

Don’t be a negative Nancy. There’s nothing attractive about a girl who only chooses to see the bad in everything. You expect the worst out of people and you never try to shed any light on a situation. You only choose to see the darkness and it can be such a downer.

6. You don’t make an effort to look attractive

You don’t have to wear the flashiest clothes or the most expensive jewelry. You don’t even have to spend hours of your day putting on makeup. You just have to at least make an effort to look classy and elegant no matter how simple your presentation. If you just act like you don’t care about yourself, then no man is ever going to care about you too.

7. You are too much of a wallflower

The thing about wallflowers is that nobody ever notices them. The reason why you can’t manage to land a guy is that you don’t make an effort to stand out from the crowd.

8. You don’t smile

Smiling is always attractive. You don’t always have to be forcing a smile, but it wouldn’t hurt. A smile can make a person seem very amiable, approachable, and receptive to new people. If you have a perpetual frown, then men will hesitate to talk to you.

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