8 reasons why guys go cold after a breakup


8 reasons why guys go cold after a breakup


Men also suffer adversely after emotional events. Like women, men are also human beings and have their emotional consciousness. Breakups surely hurt the emotional well-being of men.

But, the truth is men often deal with breakups differently. In reality, men experience more emotional pain after a breakup. They also need more time to move on from heartbreak.

Since many guys are not comfortable displaying their emotions, they become avoidant. Loss of a relationship is often a common cause of why men go cold suddenly.

Some men turn cold towards their ex-partners even though they maintain cordial relationships with even their competitors. It is not common in modern days.

Some men may also become irritated, depressed, or mentally anxious to curb their pain. Here is a detailed account of why guys go cold after breakup.

1. He is in the process of moving on

You have seen your ex getting cold whenever you two bump into each other after the breakup. The truth is he is going through a process of moving on.

He was closely tied with you as a man, and the breakup left him shattered. But, after so much trauma, he is finally letting it go. Hence, he does not show any emotion for you and just passes by.

2. He is self-reflecting

So, what do guys do after a breakup? They often go through a long thought process.

He is left alone after the end of an intimate relationship. He probably does not understand what caused the breakup. He is in a deep thought process and is presently reflecting on his behavior. The process of self-reflection often causes a man to become emotionally withdrawn.

3. He holds grudges against you

Men may start becoming cold-hearted after breakup. Often the breakup causes them to develop bitter feelings for their ex-partner. The pain and anguish of being left alone become unbearable for them.

At this time, they start to have negative feelings about the relationship. Some men may also hold their partners responsible. It often happens when the woman leaves a relationship for better career opportunities or other personal differences.

4. He doesn’t love you anymore

So, your ex does not show any emotions for you. Probably he has already moved on. Men often tend to move on faster than women despite being emotionally intense.

The man who was once madly in love with you finally has moved on. He now understands that you will not come back to your life and does not hold any feelings for you. He has let you go and will never show the same emotion as before.

5. He does not want to delay his vulnerability

Some men are reclusive and do not prefer to show their weaker side to the public. If he has become an emotionally unavailable man after a breakup, he probably wants to remain like that.

Such men suffer silently and do not disclose their deep anguish and pain to others, even their closest friends. They prefer to portray that they are fine and can handle any situation gracefully.

6. For him staying friends after a breakup is not a thing

While some people prefer to maintain an amicable relationship with their ex-partner, many don’t.

Such men feel that maintaining a friendship after a breakup is impossible. This thought puts an emotional strain on his well-being. He had feelings for you, and maintaining a friendship may be too much for him.

Hence, if your ex-boyfriend is avoidant after breaking up, he is not into a casual friendship.

7. He is focusing on a better life

Often, people tend to focus on making their life better after a breakup. It happens to those who were involved in a toxic relationship.

The breakup has set them free. They are now open to looking for new opportunities in their career, personal life, or pursuing their dreams of achieving something they earlier were unable to do. Instead of lamenting, he now wants to embrace life..

8. He was the reason behind the breakup

So, why do guys get cold after the breakup? Probably he was at fault and does not want to face you.

Often, men who cannot offer sustainable emotional support to their partners become cold after a breakup. They understand their faults and their inability to maintain a healthy relationship.

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