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8 reason women should be eating more protein


8 reason women should be eating more protein

8 reason women should be eating more protein

Anyone who’s serious into exercising and going to the gym knows how important protein is.

That’s because what we eat is often more important than how we work out. But for a lot of people – because we want to eat tasty things and focus on things that are less important – they get the order reversed.

That’s why it’s so important to keep proper diet in perspective. Without proper diet, all the work in the gym can be totally overshadowed and rendered useless.

And that’s why protein is so important to those trying to sculpt their bodies – it’s the building block for growing all those new muscles.

However, recent research is making it clear that protein is even MORE important for women than we thought before.

1. Protein keeps women lean

This got super popular with the advent of the “low carb” diets, but really this truth has always been immutable – more protein and less carbs means less fat on your body.

And recent research has actually doubled down on this – and then some. Studies say that the effect of cutting down carbs and boosting protein is even more pronounced with women – and slims down women even more effectively than men.

2. Time for high protein breakfasts

This is a public service announcement for everyone who eats cereal in the morning: WHY DO YOU THINK YOU’RE SO HUNGRY ALL DAY?

If you’re eating some carb filled sugary cereal in the morning, you’re GOING to have a sugar crash later and get super hungry.

However, if you eat protein for breakfast, it keeps hunger away all day, and lets you eat much, much less while feeling more satisfied.

3. Protein keeps you full

Protein is great at keeping you full for two reasons:

First, it controls your appetite later on, so you don’t get massive swings in your appetite and cravings.

Second, it makes you feel a LOT fuller than the equivalent amount of calories in carbs and fat. That means you don’t get cravings, and it means you control your hunger – rather than your hunger controlling you.

4. You burn more calories with protein

When you switch your diet away from carbs and towards protein, it actually provides a HUGE boost to your metabolism.

That’s because your body begins burning fat and protein instead of carbs for fuel – and it means your body will burn way more calories over the course of the day… which means your metabolism is more efficient and you lose more weight.

5. It promotes healthy bones

Osteoporosis is a huge issue for all women, and every bit helps when it comes to strengthening bones and promoting bone health.

That’s why protein is so important. Recent studies have shown that protein is crucial for your body’s ability to absorb calcium and grow your bones strong.

So make sure to up your protein and your calcium intake for the strongest bones possible!

6. Prevents signs of aging

One of the biggest consequences of aging is that our bodies will inevitably lose muscle mass as we grow older.

And that’s where eating protein comes in.

By adding more protein to your diet as well as exercising (and doing strength training) you’re improving your muscle mass and keeping your body healthy as you get older.

7. Protein lowers the impact of stress

Stress is something that affects everyone, and it affects everyone differently. One thing that is a common across all people is that it seriously screws with the way our body works.

Stress can destroy healthy cell function and cause hormone imbalances – which is why protein is such a good nutrient. Protein can protect the body against the damaging consequences of stress, and keep you healthy even in high stress situations.

8. Protein gives you healthy skin

Your skin is under constant attack all day long. Whether it’s environmental irritants or the greatest threat to skin of all – the sun – your skin is constantly taking damage and repairing itself.

And protein is great for that process, too.

The amino acids that make up protein are great for your skin, both in terms of general health and for its ability to repair itself. Make sure to eat lots of protein (and wear lots of sunscreen!)

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