8 most important things in a relationship

8 most important things in a relationship


8 most important things in a relationship

8 most important things in a relationship

What is essential in a relationship? Is it the man, or is it the woman? Or the love between them?

Two people and the love between them indeed make a relationship, but is that enough to have a lasting relationship?

Well, not really, because other aspects are equally cardinal in a relationship. These make the foundations of a relationship. Without them, the connection will start to wither at the smallest of troubles.

So, what are these “other” important things in a relationship, and why are they essential? In this post, we tell you about the 8 essential elements in a relationship and why they are vital.

1. Trust

If love is what makes a relationship exciting, trust is what keeps it going strong. When there is trust, peace prevails in the relationship. But if the partners do not trust each other enough, they spend their whole life doubting the other’s every action.

2. Loyalty 

When you and your partner have agreed on a monogamous relationship, then loyalty becomes a key aspect. But what is loyalty?

It is the resistance to unhealthy thoughts about a beautiful colleague; it is refusing to flirt back with an old flame. Love with loyalty is probably more important than just love. So when your partner cannot stay loyal but says ‘I love you,’ will you be able to believe those words?

3. Happiness

You may not always be happy in a relationship, but when you look back, the happy times must outweigh the sad ones. Happiness is an essential ingredient for a lasting relationship, so how do you be happy? Is it your partner’s job? No! Your happiness should be in your hands; you cannot expect your partner to be the keeper of your happiness.

4. Respect

Respect is as important as love in a relationship. When you truly love someone, you love them for who they are. And such love automatically brings in respect for your partner. Also, a relationship is a bond between two adults with different opinions and views. Respecting each other is the basic foundation you need for a healthy relationship.

5. Emotional Support

A relationship can take you on a roller coaster of emotions. But what makes it worthy is having your partner right next to you, holding your hand, through all that. In a loving relationship, you’d want that. When you hear happy news, you long to share it with your partner. And when you are feeling down and depressed, you’d want your partner to hold you and tell you that it’ll be okay.

6. Humor 

Everyday life can get your relationship in a slump, so a little fun and excitement are vital to keeping things exciting. If you and your partner can laugh in the face of a problem, then dealing with it head-on is going to be less difficult.

Once in a while, ditch all your inhibitions, pack all your worries and have fun like kids.


When you love someone, you will not think twice before giving up something you like to make them happy. In a relationship, both the partners should give and take to keep the love alive. A healthy relationship is one where you do not mind letting go of some of needs to accommodate those of your partner.

8. Freedom/ Independence

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. Individual freedom is essential for the relationship to thrive. A healthy relationship will help you become the best version of yourself. It gives you the needed space to think and express your thoughts and take your decisions in life.

You do not have to change who you are for your partner. Retain your unique personality to keep the relationship exciting.

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