8 money habits that make millennials richer


8 money habits that make millennials richer

8 money habits that make millennials richer

Trying to save money can be hard right now – as the pandemic rolls on and we continue to feel the impact in our bank accounts, it’s hard to keep up the more high-tech ways to save money (though we absolutely advise you to try them out.)

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But there are some old-fashioned no-spend strategies that can make your money add up — sometimes pretty quickly.

It will be easier if you revolve to save in quite number of quirky yet creative ways that wont make you feel the pressure at all. At first glance, they may sound weird, but they work.

1. Car’s glove space

Storing some money in your car’s glove space every time you go out can actually store up a lot of money.

2. Spending jar

When you take money from the jar with money, you’ll feel conscious of the money you are taking out, and that will persuade you to start saving.

3. Coffee

You will be surprised to know how much money your coffee bills amount to. Stop drinking caffeine and see your money gets saved.

4. Visualising your dream

Visualising your dream destination or home via photos on the wall will want you to save money, rather than impulsive spend.

5. Training month

Keep a regime of one training month every alternate two or three month where you only practise saving.

6. Freeze your credit card

Put your credit card in a box, pour water and put the box in the freezer. It’ll stop you from making impulsive buying.

7. Drink

Every time you get a drink from the fridge, treat it as if you’re buying from a bar. Take the money and save it an envelope for other times.

8. Recurring savings

Even though you have paid off your car loan or any debt at all. Start putting that same exact amount into your savings account. It’ll add up fast!

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