8 irritating habits of a needy man in a relationship


8 irritating habits of a needy man in a relationship

8 irritating habits of a needy man in a relationship

Neediness is a major turnoff in any relationship. In recent years, it’s the women that have been attributed to this negative trait, probably because of our love for attention. In reality, men can also be quite clingy.

So what is clingy? When dating or in a relationship, a cling guy would depend on you emotionally and be very attached.

Clingy men don’t want to spend time with others, they prefer sticking to one or more friends, or if they’re dating someone, they’ll stick to their party.

What does needy mean? Well, a needy personality is very similar to clinginess, it asks for a lot of attention and emotional displays of affection.

Having needs should not be mistaken with being needy, it’s normal for anyone to want something out of a relationship, but when that ‘wanting’ becomes unhealthy, insecure, and co-dependent on others it becomes a problem.

To really understand this personality, let’s discuss their characters and traits.

1. Constantly trying to please you

A clingy guy who likes a woman will stick to her as his life depends on it, he’ll be a bit too accommodating, and do things that inconvenience him just to please others.

2. Always paying you compliments

Women like to be paid compliments, but it can become a bit too much when it’s done every time, especially when we don’t really look our best.

3. Seems not to have friends

Most women like guys who prefer to stick to one person, which would be their woman of course. However, he should have others to hang out with sometimes. Focusing all his time and energy on the relationship could make things uncomfortable.

4. Gives ultimatums

When a guy doesn’t have others in his life to keep him company or offer his support, all his attention is mostly on one person. If it’s the woman he’s dating, he may start giving ultimatums in the relationship, just to guilt her into staying with him.

5. He hardly has alone time

Even women have that time they set apart to go out with their friends, and generally spend time with others. If the guy you’re dating only wants to hang out and do things with you, he’ll have time for himself.

6. He doesn’t let you have alone time

If a guy insists on spending every waking hour with you then he’s probably clingy. The same way he doesn’t take time out to hang with friends, he doesn’t want you to relate with others as well.

7. He doesn’t take things slow

A clingy guy feels the need to rush through stages, he wants to get to the part where you both spend your lives together, and he mines that literally. When dating, they’ll push for a more serious relationship, they are the kind to propose just after dating you for one or two months.

8. He’s always calling

Every woman appreciates a man who checks up on her during the day, but when he’s calling you at every opportunity he gets, it’s not so attractive anymore.

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