8 impressive health benefits of lingonberries


8 impressive health benefits of lingonberries


Lingonberries are small, red berries that taste similar to cranberries but are not quite as tart.

This berries have been called a superfruit based on their nutritional value and potential health benefits, such as for weight control and heart health.

Here are 8 impressive health benefits of lingonberries.

1. Improves the Brain Function

Researches have been proven that consumption of the Lingonberry on a regular basis can improve our brain function and helps to keep our mental health healthy, due to the presence of high amount of iron and potassium content in it.

2. Powerful antioxidant

Like other berries such as blueberries and cranberries, the lingonberry is packed with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from any cellular damage which is caused by free radicals in the body. They also protect us from some diseases and delay the inevitable signs of aging such as wrinkles.

3. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Lingonberry is loaded with in dietary fiber, which is very good for our cardiovascular health and prevent various types of cardiovascular related problem such as heart attack, heart stroke, etc. Fiber helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol in our body, hence help in controlling cholesterol level in our body.

4. Prevents Diabetes

Lingonberry is highly rich in hypoglycaemic properties, which is very beneficial to prevent diabetes. Hypoglycaemic properties present in the Lingonberry help to promote the production of insulin in our body, which helps to slow down the sugar absorption in the blood stream, thus sugar level will control and reduce the risk of diabetes.

5. Boost Immune System

Lingonberry consists of high amount of vitamin C and vitamin A which is very helpful to improve our body immunity to fight against foreign invaders such as virus and bacteria.  Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which fight against free radicals and protect our immune system from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

6. Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Lingonberry is highly rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C and Vitamin A, which is very beneficial for our overall health and also helps to prevent the risk of cancer. Antioxidant fights against free radicals and stabilized them so that they should not do any kinds of oxidative damage to our healthy cells, these free radical are the main cause of various types of cancer.

7. Treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections

Lingonberries are touted as excellent cure for urinary tract infections. These pearly red, ripe berries are found to contain short-chained proanthocyans that is supposed to keep away the infection causing bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Lingonberry juice when taken along with cranberry juice frequently is likely to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection in women by forty percent.

8. Improving digestion

Tannins found in lingonberries help boost the blood vessel walls while resolving mineral metabolism and neutralizing toxins to improve digestion and tone up the body. They are a good solution for anyone suffering from indigestion.

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