8 foods that fight bacteria and kill germs naturally


8 foods that fight bacteria and kill germs naturally

Our body works really hard to constantly fight bacteria, germs and viruses that we may ingest through the air we breathe or the food we eat.

Whether it’s a common flu attack, a dreadful skin infection or an upset stomach, bad bacteria may compromise your health and therefore, your internal defense mechanism needs to be always active to get rid of them.

Our immune system is quite powerful but it needs little help which can be provided in the form of these anti-bacterial and anti-microbial foods that fight off the harmful bacteria naturally.

1. Mangoes

For all those who think mangoes are sugar loaded fattening fruits, here is an eye opener. While raw mango is effectively used to prevent heat stroke, ripe mangoes are believed to fight a number of infections. They help in formation of healthy epithelium thereby preventing cold, rhinitis and sinusitis infections. Rich in vitamin A, mangoes are also helpful in diphtheria and throat infections.

2. Cabbage

Often underrated as a vegetable and associated with flatulence and worms, cabbage is in fact a rich source of vitamins, minerals and alkaline salts. It is believed to fight bacteria like H Pylori that is responsible for stomach ulcers. It is has also been found helpful in jaundice and bladder diseases.

3. Carrot

Rich in beta carotene, carrot is a powerful anti-oxidant and a cleanser. Loaded with Vitamin A, it is not only good for the eyes but is anti-cancer too because of its ability to maintain acid-alkaline balance in the body. Carrot juice is said to be beneficial in fighting infections and prevents throat, eyes and sinus infections. It also kills intestine worms when taken in raw form.

4. Drumstick

Seasonal vegetables are the best cure for seasonal infections. Chicken pox that mostly spreads during the beginning of summer has a secret cure in drumsticks that are also produced during this time. Drumstick pods and flowers should be consumed to stay safe from various seasonal ailments.

5. Neem leaves

Neem is a fantastic blood purifier and keeps several skin diseases and infections at bay and hence deserves to be a part of our daily food.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric mixed with lime (calcium carbonate) is applied on fractures and bone dislocations. It is also boiled with milk given as a medicine for sore throat. Rich in germ fighting elements, tumeric is helpful in rhinitis, running cold, scabies, ringworm and ulcers.

7. Ginger

Ginger has been found helpful in whooping cough, diarrhea and chest infections. Fresh ginger juice mixed with fenugreek powder and honey acts as an expectorant.

8. Honey

Honey is said to have powerful antibiotic properties. We also know that honey is beneficial in throat infections, but it has several other uses too. It is used in the treatment of mouth ulcers by mixing with borax and glycerin. Honey is used in cuts and burns and also in ear infections.

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