8 clear signs you are being courted


8 clear signs you are being courted


Is there a guy who is making you feel special now? Maybe he has not expressed it yet, but it may seem like he is making some moves to win your heart.

He is just probably shy and is only waiting for the right time to formally court you.

Formal courtship starts when the guy directly expresses his intention to a woman. However, not all men are brave enough to be straightforward about what they feel, so some start by doing actions that will give the girl they like a hint.

Courting may have informally begun then. Now, what are the signs that you are being courted?

1. He messages you day and night

If a guy does not miss a day greeting you in the morning, reminding you to eat your lunch, and sending a “goodnight” message before he sleeps, then it is something to think about. Why is he so thoughtful about you?

2. He calls you for hours

A guy would not call a girl regularly and spend hours talking to her over the phone for nothing. It means he enjoys talking to you, and he wants you to know that.

3. He visits you at home

If he insists on visiting you at home, or if he loves hanging out in your house, you should wonder why. Then, whenever he visits, does he bring some foods for your family?

4. He befriends your family

Aside from bringing food whenever he goes to your house, a guy who is interested in pursuing you makes other efforts to get close to your family. He plays computer games with your brothers, treats your sisters with ice cream, and starts conversations with your parents.

4. He gives you presents

Another clear sign that he is making some moves with you is when he gives you gifts. He may start with one chocolate bar with a sticky note of encouragement. Then soon, he could be giving you bigger presents, such as a bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear, and even a necklace.

5. He takes you home consistently

If he has a car and offers you a ride home every after work because your house is on his way, then it could be a simple friendly gesture. However, if he does not have wheels, yet he is willing to wait for you outside your office every afternoon or evening, then it is something more meaningful.

6. He asks you about your interests

A man who wants to make you special shows that he is interested in your life. He does not get tired asking about your passions, family, likes, dislikes, and other interests. This is also one way for him to get to know you better.

7. He offers you help

A person courting you would want you to think of him as a knight-in-shining-armor. Therefore, whenever you are bombarded with tasks from work or you are struggling with a concern of some sort, he would willingly lend a hand. He will help you find a solution to your problem.

8. He puts his best foot forward every time you meet

Have you ever noticed that this guy always looks his best—like he is impressing a prospect client—whenever you meet? Maybe you remember him to be simply plain when everything was normal between you, but now he is always wearing a polo-shirt, his hair is wax-styled, and he smells irresistible.

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