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8 best low-carb foods you must have for quick weight loss


8 best low-carb foods you must have for quick weight loss

8 best low-carb foods you must have for quick weight loss

Eating low-carb foods when on a weight loss regime is one of the most popular trends of the present times.

Diets which involve low-carb foods are known to cause around 2 or 3 times more weight loss as compared to the standard low-fat diets.

Going on a low-carb diet is also known to improve HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the body, improve levels of blood pressure and also improve triglyceride levels in the body.

These are some of the reasons why low-carb foods have gained so much popularity in the wellness and health industry.

Below are the best low-carb foods you must have for quick weight loss:

1. Eggs

Undoubtedly, eggs are the best breakfast option in a low-carb diet. Eating eggs in the morning improve your satiety and make you snack less later in the day. This is because of the protein content in eggs, which brings down hunger hormone ghrelin.

2. Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood have very less carb, with the exception of shellfish. Sardines, white fish and salmon are all low-carb fish. Fish consumption is also important for human health as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for joint health, brain and heart.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber has only 4% carb content. Cucumber is low in calories and can be a great snack for people who are unable to drink enough water in a day. This is because 1 cucumber contains more than 95% water content.

Cucumber contains more than 95% water content

4. Meat and poultry

All kinds of meats have fewer carbs. These include lamb, chicken, beef. Organ meats, however, do have carbs in small quantities. You should go for lean meat options like chicken breast for quick weight loss in a low-carb diet.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with low sugar content is an amazing food to be included in a low-carb diet. You should pick the variant which has 70 to 90% cocoa and low sugar. When consumed in moderation, dark chocolate can help in reducing blood pressure and risks of heart diseases. What’s more is that dark chocolate has only 25% carb content.

Dark chocolate can help in reducing blood pressure and risks of heart diseases

6. Yogurt

Yogurt has only 5% carbs and can be eaten for breakfast or snack in a low-carb diet. You can opt for greek yogurt as it has fewer carbs and even contains proteins and vitamins.

7. Asparagus and mushrooms

Apart from potatoes, carrots and turnips, most vegetables come in the category of low-carb foods. The least amount of carbs are present in asparagus and mushrooms, with less than 2% of carb content. They also have high protein as compared to other vegetables.

8. Other veggies

Cauliflower has nothing more than 5% carb content. Other veggies like bell peppers, egg plants, Brussels sprouts and green beans do not contain any more than 6 to 7% carb content.

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