8 alarming signs you need to take a break from work


8 alarming signs you need to take a break from work

8 alarming signs you need to take a break from work

Most people find fulfillment and personal satisfaction when they are able to be the best at their chosen field.

Some would even confidently assert that focusing on work and spending your physical and mental energy solely on your career goals should be the only way to be successful.

However, they fail to mention that to make this possible, you have to take other aspects of your life for granted – especially your health.

Workaholics agree that they spend a larger percentage of their day meeting deadlines and beating their personal records on the number of hours they spend at the office.

As ideal as these may sound, many studies proved that working more than what your body can handle is obviously unhealthy not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

How will you know if you’re working too much? These signs might help you recognize the alarming indications that you are failing at the work-life balance department.

1. It takes a lot of effort to feel happy

Although there are only a few conclusive evidence that there is a strong link between overworking and depression, a study in 2012 showed how putting in too many hours in the office can trigger major depressive episodes in middle-aged workers.

Feeling unhappy can be normal for anyone but frequent incidents of unhappiness in an individual is a clear sign that the mind and body is telling you that something isn’t right.

2. The simplest mistakes at home irritate you

Losing your cool over the most trivial things especially at home is a common signal that you are burning yourself out at work. Most of the time, employees don’t have the chance to express themselves and even complain about work-related issues so they easily blow a gasket as soon as they go home.

3. You have become less confident and more anxious

According to psychology experts, most workaholics become dependent on others, like their coworkers and bosses, to define their self-worth. Because of this, paranoia sets in whenever they are faced with demanding deadlines and challenging projects that the only way for the brain to respond is to work harder and harder until it uses up all its energy.

4. You have considered alcohol as your best friend.
In contrary to what people believe, drinking and partying after a long and stressful day of work can do more harm than good. Aside from the effects drinking alcohol has on your health, the more time you spend outside means less time for you to take a much needed rest.

5. That eternal headache

Migraines can be a sign of overworking. Eye strain from too much exposure to computer screens at work can cause an eternal headache that can be a frequent visitor. This sign is so common that most workers often ignore or even consider it a part of a day’s work.

6. Your deadlines make your chest hurt, literally

Hard work can kill you – according to a study that concluded that working too many hours could bring on a heart attack.  Details of this report claim that working an 11-hour shift increases your risk of suffering from a heart failure. In addition, the research suggested that stress plays a major role in the development of this disease.

7. Neck pain and back pain are already a part of your everyday life

How many times have you thought of getting a massage after a day at the office? Neck and back pains may appear less serious and are even considered a part of the daily grind but most people agree that suffering from either of them has caused unproductive – and painful work days.

8. You have used up all your sick leaves

The privilege of using sick days is so comforting that most people think of calling in sick even at the slightest sign of illness. However, if you have used up your sick leave benefits for an actually serious health issue, then you know it’s time to do something about it.

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