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7 yoga myths you need to stop believing


7 yoga myths you need to stop believing

7 yoga myths you need to stop believing

Yoga is known for its several short and long term health benefits.

It is good for boosting your immunity, lowering your blood pressure, managing your blood sugar level and reducing stress, which helps to manage your overall physical and mental well-being.

However, just like any form of workout, there are numerous misconceptions associated with yoga. This keeps people from practising it and reaping its amazing health benefits, which is vouched by a plethora of yogis around the globe.

Let’s debunk some common misconceptions associated with yoga. Here are 7 myths you need to stop believing:

1. You need to be flexible to perform yoga

You do not need to be flexible to start practising yoga. On the contrary, yoga helps you to get flexible. In the beginning, you may find it a little difficult to touch your toes while standing or bend your torso, but this is what yoga helps you to achieve. With time your range of motion will increase and you will perfect the asanas.

2. ​It is only for women

It is incorrect to link a specific form of physical activity to any gender. The same is with yoga. Anybody can add yoga in their daily routine. As per history, some of the greatest yoga teachers have been men. Moreover, if we look into the health benefits that yoga offers, everyone needs to be healthy, flexible and calm, be it men or women.

3. ​It is for thin people

Again this is nothing more a myth. Yoga is not only for slender people, but for everyone, irrespective of their physique. It may be overwhelming for you to pick this form of workout after watching those fancy posts on Instagram, but remember you can do it.

4. ​It is a religion

It was indeed originated in India and has a spiritual element, but yoga itself is not a religion. The mantras and chants associated with yoga have Indian roots, but it is only to bring focus and enlighten you. It is not necessary to chant the mantras. You can perform yoga even without any chanting.

5. ​It is too easy

It is a combination of both easy as well as difficult asanas. You can master some in just 2-3 days, while others may take months to fine-tune. However, the important thing is to practise it every day and challenge your body, without losing your focus.

6. ​It is all about stretching

Only people, who have never tried yoga will say that it is just about stretching. It might look like you just have to stretch, but it is way more than that. It has numerous proven health benefits and highly effective in reducing muscle soreness and increasing range of motion, which is required in every stage of life.

7. Women must not perform it when they are menstruating or are pregnant

Some people believe that women should avoid practising yoga when they are pregnant or menstruating, as it would be harmful. However, there is no truth in this statement. It has been found that yoga is good in both situations.

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