7 weird things men find attractive in women


7 weird things men find attractive in women

7 weird things men find attractive in women

It is quite easy to guess what men generally find attractive in women- a pretty face, nice curves, good manners, and every other thing nice.

While we could go on mentioning the great, endearing attributes that almost every man would be attracted to in a heartbeat, there are also some weird things men love about women, things you would never have guessed or imagined.

Some of these things are ‘special’ personal preferences, and some are a bit common among men… but they are all weird none-the-less.

Below, we list seven weird things men find attractive in women – watch out for number 3 and 4!

1. Applying makeup

From the way men complain about women wasting time with makeup, it’s quite strange to discover that some men actually love watching them apply it.

2. Stubbornness

Okay. This is straight up weird AF. Who loves a stubborn woman, right? It’s probably something to do with knowing a woman can stand her ground, and insist when she needs to.

3. Stretch marks

Never thought the word stretch-mark and attractive would ever be used in the same sentence but some guys actually find stretch marks attractive.

4. Wearing glasses

This is quite common and very understandable – women in glasses are usually very good looking. Why this makes our list is because women who wear glasses sometimes fear they are unattractive because of that. If only you knew how gorgeous those frames make you look!

5. Clumsiness

While it is cool to be well-behaved, comported, and calm, quite a number of guys have also shown interest in women with clumsy, goofy sides – those who are not always serious or uptight and can make those crazy faces for selfies.

6. ‘Weakness’

Not weakness in the sense of being unable to stand up and speak for yourself, or being spineless but it could be as solving riddles, lifting stuff and so on.

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