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7 ways you are unknowingly being unfaithful to your partner


7 ways you are unknowingly being unfaithful to your partner

7 ways you are unknowingly being unfaithful to your partner

You are happy and satisfied with your spouse and there is no way you would ever cheat on them. Why would you anyways?

You have no reason to and it has never crossed your mind. Unfortunately, cheating does not start the way most people tend to think.

It creeps in disguised as harmless fun or innocent behavior leading down a slippery road full of regrets.

To protect what you have, it is important to know whether you have fallen prey to any of these behaviors and put a stop it before it leads to something worse.

1. Flirting

According to Psychology Today, flirting is a time-honored way of signaling interest and attraction, to say nothing of mutual awareness. In short, it involves speaking or a behavior that shows sexual attraction accompanied with a sense of playfulness. It may start off innocently but it is a dangerous game. If someone flirts with you ignore or set them straight.

If not, this will lead to emotional cheating and before you know it, it could escalate into full blown cheating. Flirting could also send the wrong message as an invitation for the other person to pursue a relationship you didn’t want in the first place.

2. Spending time alone with members of the opposite sex

It may not sound that bad considering you are both ‘adults’ but remember cheating starts from the most unexpected instances. Despite how you want to justify having coffee or stopping over to visit a member of the opposite sex where it is just the two of you, this is a recipe for disaster. It is unfaithful behavior. Period!

3. Talking negatively about your spouse

When angry and hurt by our spouses many of us especially women tend to look for the nearest person to vent. Most of the times it is all negative. Just like you would never talk negatively about your friend despite the shortcomings, take your partner as such. Respect and be faithful to them in good and bad times. Don’t go sharing your private details and their shortcomings to other people. This unless, you are being abused.

4. Confiding in the opposite sex

The last person you should be sharing your relationship or marital problems with is a member of the opposite sex. He or she may take advantage of your vulnerability and use it as a chance to hit on you or even get physical with you. Do not place yourself in such a situation. Discuss issues with your partner and let them be your shoulder to lean on. If you cannot, talk to a trusted relative or church elder.

5. Reconnecting with an old flame

You may say it is just two old friends catching up and before you know it your love is rekindled. This will automatically put your marriage or relationship in jeopardy. Leave the past behind and no matter what assistance your ex needs there are other people who can help out. If you come across each other after a long time keep it casual and do not exchange contacts to be on the safer side. Let sleeping dogs lie.

6. Dressing up

If you find yourself dressing up more or even changing how you look because of a new attractive employee, neighbor or colleague, you need to re-examine yourself. You should not go out of your way to attract attention from members of the opposite sex. The only person you should dress up for besides yourself is your spouse.

7. Putting other people before your partner

Kids for example can take up so much time and attention but that should not negate the importance of your spouse. They should always come first. Your kids can wait. Attend to their needs and be keen on what is happening in their lives. If you come across good or bad news your spouse should be the first person you share it with. If your husband or wife is not top of your priority list you are not showing them total fidelity.

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