7 ways lack of personal space can ruin your relationship


7 ways lack of personal space can ruin your relationship



A relationship is not just about love and care. It is also about compatibility and maintaining personal space in the relationship.

When it comes to personal space, couples often think that they have to spend time away from their partner. They feel that it means their partner no longer loves them.

However, this is not the truth. Personal space allows you and your partner to do things that are meant to make you feel relaxed.

But if you neither enjoy your personal space nor allow your partner to have his/her ‘me-time’, then you may affect your relationship in a bad way.

Initially, you may not understand but your relationship may witness frustration, agitation and misunderstandings. You may find your partner feel dejected and aggressive.

There are many other ways in which your relationship may get affected if you do not include personal space in your relationship. To know how a lack of personal space can harm your relationship, you can go through the below-mentioned points.

1. You may have unnecessary arguments

When you do not have your personal space, you may feel irritated and frustrated. This is because you are not getting enough time to reduce your stress level and have a peace of mind. As a result, you may yell at even small things. This can lead to unnecessary arguments between you and your partner. You may argue with each other on any and every small issue. Instead of resolving the problems in a calm manner, you may scream at each other.

2. You may find your relationship to be a co-dependent one

Those who don’t know, a codependent relationship is the one in which either of the partners is dependent upon the other. In this relationship, even your self-worth and choices depend on that of your partner. So, when your relationship lacks personal space, either you or your partner may depend upon each other’s validation. For example, if your partner doesn’t allow you to have your personal space, he/she will eventually control what you are thinking, eating, wearing and even your choices. Also, he/she may always seek your validation even in small things. This can then weaken the roots of your relationship.

3. You may find each other being stressed all the time

Due to the lack of personal space in your relationship, you may find either of you being stressed all the time. This is because your body and mind may demand some ‘me-time’ to feel relaxed and do things that make you feel happy. But when you do not have your ‘me-time’, you may feel tired and stressed. You may not feel refreshed and enthusiastic as always. Even if you are with your partner, you may crave to enjoy some alone time all by yourself.

4. You and your partner may get annoyed easily

Since your partner is already stressed and you are having unnecessary arguments all the time, there’s a great chance that he/she may get annoyed easily. You may find your partner getting irritated on every little thing. Moreover, since either of you is not allowing the other one to have his/her ‘me-time’, this can definitely lead to annoyance in both of you. Both of you may feel desperate to fix things and this is when you may take wrong steps that may annoy each one of you.

5. You may not feel happy with each other

It is obvious that when you are having numerous misunderstandings and arguments, you may not feel happy with each other. Your stress and agitation may also add fuel to the fire. Both of you feel that you are no longer happy in this relationship. You may feel that your partner is least concerned about you and your happiness. In fact, you may try to come up with ideas to spend some alone time with yourself, without letting your partner know about it.

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